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Manassas, VA
When i was able to say "THAT's IT!" and Decided to make the Change to Committ... Beachbody was there to help me succeed.
My journey is far from over. I'm now at 195 from 282.

Having an Awesome Team makes a huge difference as well.
Thanks Team Impact.
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When you grow up being large (akward) your entire life (now 38). It's not easy to find something that works. I've tried pills, shakes, working out at the gym, dvds, at home and honestly i never found More ...
When you grow up being large (akward) your entire life (now 38). It's not easy to find something that works. I've tried pills, shakes, working out at the gym, dvds, at home and honestly i never found anything that worked. I understand there is no magic pill but I still had no success on my own with weight loss. I remember in Elementary School being teased for being so large. My father is over 6'5 and weighs 400lbs. I am built like him and there is no getting around that. During my child hood I could never manage my weight. I wasn’t very active and turned to other things such as drinking and drugs instead.
Already being on Pre-Diabetic medication such as Metformin I was convinced I would be large forever. In 2009 weighing 307lbs I gave birth to my son. I had a difficult time with depression afterwards and didn’t work very hard to get the weight off even after my son came into this world. In 2010 I did go to the gym more often however I didn’t change my eating habits. Having difficulty with my marriage, being a new mom, working full time. Things just didn’t change with my life and by the end I was still weighing 290lbs. In 2011 things went even further downhill as I separated from my husband and was stressed even more. I spent the year trying to figure out how I was going to raise a child on my own, and all the changes divorce brings you. Finally I simply said THAT is it!
January 1, 2012 I decided to change. Step 1 I found a program that I truly enjoy (TURBO Jam & TURBO Fire) and a shake (Shakeology) that as a meal replacements assists me with feeling fuller as well as calories. I began counting calories. Weighing 282lbs January 2012 I have been active almost every day since.
Using the online Meal Planner my son and I do shopping every Sunday and plan out our week ahead of time. This meal planner gave me a shopping list as well as the ability to switch things out that I either couldn’t find at my local store or didn’t care for. I most recently completed Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset and found an entirely new way to eat! Not only did i lose 16 lbs, it gave me the power/knowledge to continue to eat clean and healthy for life!
Shakeology (all flavors), Turbo Fire, Turbo Jam, Brazilian Butt Lift, UR and now (my new favorite) Les Mills Combat have helped me get body back on track.

I now weigh 195 lbs. I have lost a total of 87lbs. My journey is far from over as I would like to get 15 more lbs off. No longer am I taking any medications for diabetes, asthma, or knee pain.

Instead of saying I have 100lbs to lose. I simply said for the next 90 days this is what I am doing. Baby steps... And look at me go.


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Your current meal plan is: Low-Carb Express at 1300 calories.
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Rockin' Body®
Power 90®
Hip Hop Abs®
Turbo Jam®
Resistance Bands
Weighted Gloves
ActiVit® Multi-Vitamins
Meal Replacement Shake
Beachbody Ultimate Reset™
P90X® Peak Results and Recovery Formula
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