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des moines, IA
I Started P90X January 1st 2013. Within 2 Months i Went From 206 Lbs to 180 Lbs. I Was Hooked on the program but i kept having joint pain and inflammation. Well i was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis. It stopped me from being able to even get dressed, it mainly was attacking my main Joints, shoulders knees, wrists etc. Continuing the program was out of the question. The Year went on. the Meds
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Well Day 30 is Here. I'm to to 190 LBS, Pretty Good, I Could have done better, slipped up a few times here and there But I'm Still happy with my results, better than the 205 i wieghed around X-mas More ...
I added Insanity to my workout, Replaced p90x cardio with Insanity workouts and Switch from ARX to Cardio Abs. I Love this, I'm glad i made the change to start working out. My Speed strength and More ...
Sweet, I Completed Week One. It Was  Really Rough at first, Now it's Just Rough. I'm very sore, taking day 7 to rest and Starting back in a day for week 2. I'm Motivated, Eating right and ready More ...
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