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Camillus, NY
Hey there!! My name is Libby and I am a Mom of 3 amazing children; Ethan 12, Teagan, 11, and Aislinn 10. Yes they are all about 1 year apart. And they play every sport under the sun!! They keep me very "busy"!! I put busy in quotes, because that's what I was, I was busy, but I wasn't active and there is a HUGE difference. I wanted to be active, but my weight kept me from
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OK everyone - It is Wellness Wednesday!!!! As you are drinking that first cup of coffee or just thinking about your day. I want you to listen to this video.... Then think about what your More ...
Shaking as I write this....BACK TO CORE, DONE!!!!! I KILLED REVERSE PLANK!!! Know what sucks, you got two sides to your body, but I didn't take that break on the left...Mama's got game!!! :) More ...
Today's workout was Strength...cardio dumbbell rotations...nuff said!!!  This is an amazing workout, I've always enjoyed any strength workout with Shaun T.  My arms and shoulders were More ...
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