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I'm short and love it! Life is grand!
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I have always been active but I haven't always been healthy or toned. Now is the time to change that. I started with Power 90 and very much enjoyed the workouts but I wanted more. At the time, my More ...
I have always been active but I haven't always been healthy or toned. Now is the time to change that. I started with Power 90 and very much enjoyed the workouts but I wanted more. At the time, my husband was working out with me and he was happy with Power 90.

We have five children and they are all very active in sports and everything else. I am/was a competitive outrigger canoe paddler (got hurt a couple of years ago) but wasn’t always fit or in good shape. My entire life, I have always easily gotten sick. I want to compete better and I want to be healthier.

I started P90X but didn’t follow the nutrition guidelines very well. I very much enjoyed P90X and love the workouts. About midway, I got sick again, very sick; so I had to stop with the P90X. And as I was feeling better, we went on vacation. When I returned, I was sick again.

Forgive the pun, but I’m sick and tired of being sick! I want to be a better competitor in the sports I play. And the oldest daughter is getting married soon; I want to look better for the wedding! I got Insanity!

I have enlisted my friends, family, and this awesome website to help me stay motivated! I login every day and update my status and workouts. And I’m SO happy I finally found a GREAT Coach! The coach I had before never responded to me and did nothing to help. So, if you have a bad coach, find a new one! There are some awesome people on this website!

Now I’m doing Insanity AND following the nutritional guidelines as best I can! AND I’ve started to do the shakeology. I can’t wait to see how this goes!

I am so much happier and feel so much better already! I know I can do this! Thanks!
update on 9/21/12
I am so proud of myself! About a year and a half ago, I had hit maximum density and weight! I was injured and hurting, out of shape, in bad health, and over weight! Since that time, I have lost 18 pounds! I feel great! Am in better health! have better endurance and strength! And I still have more to go! :) I'm not done with Insanity... but when I am done with it.. I am going to do the P90X/Insanity hybrid! BRING IT!!!
update 12/5/12
I did it! I complete one full round of Insanity! I am so proud of myself! And now I'm doing the P90X/Insanity Hybrid. But what I'm really waiting on is.... Combat!

I met the first phase of my goal and now I'm working on the next phase :)

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10-Minute Trainer®
Power 90®
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P90X Chin-Up Bar
Heart Rate Monitor
Push-Up Stands
Resistance Bands
Whey Protein Powder
P90X® Peak Results and Recovery Formula
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PAU! Finished Ultimate Reset tonight! Very proud Michael and I completed this! It wasn't easy but I'm SUPER happy we did it. Michael lost 15-17 lbs and I lost 10-12 lbs from our post-cruise weight More ...
Day 2 complete of the Ultimate Reset! We were FULL last night! And I'm learning to make modifications to my entire nutrition because of the food allergies. Here is the crazy part... between my More ...
Michael and I completed day 1 of the Ultimate Reset - had to make modifications to the food (because of my food allergies) but made sure to keep within the foods allowed by the plan - I was a More ...
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