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Bartlett, IL
I started off here in the WORST shape of my life & am now the exact OPPOSITE. I'm living proof it CAN be done. If I've been assigned to be your Coach, PLEASE message me! I LOVE helping people EXCEED their goals & aim to deliver results!

I've always been a bit of a fitness nut. I worked out often in high school and, when I reached my 20's, I began studying martial arts.
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My fitness goal: Lose Weight

Transformation story

I went from being overweight, lazy, fat and in the worst shape EVER to a Team Beachbody Member & Insanity 'addict' which took me down a very tough road. But this INSANE road resulted in me getting More ...
I went from being overweight, lazy, fat and in the worst shape EVER to a Team Beachbody Member & Insanity 'addict' which took me down a very tough road. But this INSANE road resulted in me getting into the absolute BEST shape of my life AND becoming a Beachbody ccoach! :)

I began Insanity on June 22, 2012 and quickly became an Insanity and Shaun T "junkie." No, I can't use the word "fan." I'm MUCH more than just a fan!

Insanity has kicked my butt everyday (and I've kicked ITS butt right back!) I couldn't even get through a warm-up when I first started, much less a full interval. However, I kept diggin' deep and pressing that 'play' button each and every day, telling myself to "GET FIT OR GET OUT." Before I knew it, I went from working out at my own 'super slow' pace and having to stop for a break frequently to getting through the complete workout a LOT faster and without stopping. :)

Getting through a warm-up or interval and doing an interval at a faster pace were also small accomplishments I was making as I traveled down that rough & tough Insanity road...

Of course, after EVERY workout, I was COMPLETELY exhausted and DRENCHED in sweat from working SO hard (definitely harder than EVER before). I was also very happy to have that 'old' feeling back again - that feeling of soreness all over due to a tough workout. I had that GOOD sore feeling (the type that tells you you've worked your body) - in my arms, abs, thighs, butt - EVERYWHERE.

I also couldn't believe how FAST this program worked. Obviously, I couldn't SEE results right away, but I could FEEL changes practically from the start. Before I knew it, I actually WANTED to look in the mirror (which was my mortal enemy before). I started to see my waist, which I hadn't been able to see in YEARS. My thighs were getting firmer, I noticed more definition in my arms and my stomach was getting flatter & stronger... It no longer stuck out, looking ugly as it hung over my pants. I actually had definition now and could see my ab muscles!

After over four years of NOT working out AT ALL, being in the absolute WORST shape of my life and weighing the most that I've EVER weighed, I jumped on the Insanity train and never looked back. I've never felt better and each day my body continues to change. I'm much healthier now and look and feel 100% better than I did before. My ONLY regret is not starting this program sooner.

I went from DESPISING myself & my body to actually liking myself again, from feeling lazy and depressed to energetic and happy and definitely from in HORRIBLE shape to INSANELY FIT. I absolutely LOVE what this program has done for me - inside AND out!

There is NO "end" to my "Transformation Story." I'm always going to keep changing and Insanity (or a similar TOUGH workout program) is ALWAYS going to be a part of my new life from now on. Whether I end up doing 3 'rounds' of Insanity or 30, or move onto another program that's just as fierce & intense, I know I'm NEVER going to trade in my new life for my old one ever again.

Meal plan:
Your current meal plan is: Balanced Slim Down at 2100 calories.
Workout programs:
Hip Hop Abs®
INSANITY® - primary program
Cardio / Aerobics
Weighted Gloves
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