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Buckeye, AZ
I am 26 years old i need to get in shape i want a sexier me it hasent been easy the past 3 years iv been struggling with my weight i have 7 kids so over the years it just gets harder to shed those pounds and i really need to do something about it soon i feel like my husband is no longer attracted to me so i need the support people thx ......
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Brazil Butt Lift® - primary program
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ActiVit® Multi-Vitamins
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It seems like i have no time to work out with work and kids and everything else i need to figer out how im gonna keep working out hopefully i will have time with this new job differnt hours and More ...
I havent been able to workout all week been sick as a dog i feel like im getting fater by the minet lol...jk but not working out all week i feel like iv gained like 20 pounds i need to get better so More ...
OMG This work out is hard i did the bum bum I am so out of shap hopefully i can get useto thes videos and get some progress showing i realy need it its funny my mom was doing it with me shes all like More ...
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