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Plymouth, MN
I am from Plymouth Minnesota. I'm a working Mom with 4 kids! I have a busy career in sales and an even busier family. I have child with a disability and he requires a lot of attention. But guees what? You can still find time to work out! If I can anyone can! Fitness has become my passion!

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I'm a working married Mom of 4! I have a demanding job and an equally demanding family! I've always been interested in fitness but I kind of fell off the wagon after having my last child! He had Down More ...
I'm a working married Mom of 4! I have a demanding job and an equally demanding family! I've always been interested in fitness but I kind of fell off the wagon after having my last child! He had Down Syndrome and also some digestive issues. My focus was on his health issues and not mine. Once we had his health stabilized, it was time to focus on me! I lost 25 pounds on my own and then followed a low GI food plan and lost another 20. But I was still soft in tone even though I was trying to work out 5-6 days a week. I feel part of the problem was that I was still putting myself last on the priority list! Everyone else's needs came before mine. So my workouts were being squeezed in whenever I could find the time! And they certainly didn't challenge me!

We have a community pool in our neighborhood but I was so embarrassed to get into a bathing suit. My hubby thought I was way too self conscious and would always tell me I looked fine! He would add that I should be proud of all the weight I lost. But I wasn't proud of my body! I felt flabby and I thought maybe I should resign myself to having a "middle aged body"! I sat one morning and saw the P90 infomercial for the 10th time and thought......hmmmm. Those people really had some great results. So I bought it and 30 days into the program everyone was asking me what I was doing. By 60 days people would look at me and go "wow what are you doing?" You look great!

I lost a few more lbs but I gained lean muscle mass! I've had several friends buy the program now after seeing my results! And I'm not done yet! I'm addicted to Beachbody! I became sort of a legend in my office. People would have me demonstrate the decline push ups! When I went on business trips I would do the Sculpt in the gym and the girls I worked with named me the Push Up Nazi! I'm still surprised that I love doing push ups!

The message boards have been great for gathering the support I needed! I've met such amazing people who always inspire me to achieve an even higher level of fitness! And the best Tony H tip I got was to schedule my workouts like I would any other appointment. I get up before everyone else and as a result I never miss my date with my workout! Today I am in better shape than when I graduated high school. My hubby now says I have a body to be envied at any age! But the biggest surprise is the impact it's had on my family! We now do so much more in terms of physical activity! P90 Changed my entire lifestyle! We are constantly playing soccer, basketball, skiing, going on family walks and playing yard games with the kids! Plus the food in my house is so much healthier! My 2nd grader gets a kick out of the X trailer at the end of the P90 DVD! He loved to sneak up to me and cross his arms in front of him and yell "Power 90 X, Bring it!" He prodded me to try the X and told me if I did the X I would be the strongest Mommy in the World! So how could I say no to that? I've done the X 5 times along with several other BB workouts! Life comes at you hard and there are times when I injure a specific muscle or I have work travel or some other challenge! But I always have my peeps on the boards who give me great advice on how to work around the injuries and the other challenges! If you don't give up on the workouts, they don't give up on you! I kid some of my friend's that I've made here that I trash talk the wall when doing wall squats in the X Legs and Back routine! I'll take a look at the Wall and ask the wall with attitude "what you got for me today?" And when I'm done with the wall squats I ask the wall "Is that all you got?" My family thinks I'm nuts but I see them cracking up! You really can make fitness fun and its ultra cool being this fit at my age! So many of my friends tell me that I am their inspiration! Imagine that! I have now been part of Beachbody for 8 years. I Have fought through countless injuries but I am still here! I love that as my lifestyle presents challenges, I can always find a program that works for me. I have successfully managed my weightloss and even after turning 50, I still weigh less than when I graduated high school. I can do more push ups, squats and have more stamina and endurance! My motto is if you don't like starting over, don't quit and you won't have to!

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