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Victoria, BC
The day I turned 40 I decided to give the Asylum Challenge a try! I really had no idea what I was getting into, all I knew is how important fitness is to me and I will try anything once!

I am a busy Mama of 3 fantastic and very BUSY children. Helping people is what I have been passionate about all of my life, I dreamed of being a nurse when I was a little didn't take me on that
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My fitness goal: Tone Up

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Your current meal plan is: Active Lifestyle at 2100 calories.
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What I have to say from my heart right now is how amazing it feels to 100% be working ON and WITH a team!  This means so much to me. I have worked for far too long for big companies that More ...
I wanted to share something that I just love from a book I am reading! "As a child we believe most, if not everything we are told about the world by older/wiser people that have this thing called More ...
So excited so......full disclosure here!  Those that know me, know that 7-8 years ago I was quite tiny, like 115-118 pounds tiny. Granted this was kick started due to stress from my divorce More ...
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