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If you are a Beachbody customer and I am your assigned coach, please feel free to contact me and introduce yourself. If you are looking for a Coach, I will be happy to assist you in your fitness goals! I will keep in contact with you, answer questions you may have and keep you interested in achieving your personal goals.

I am a 45 year old father of two young children. My wife and I live in the
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My fitness goal: Build Muscle

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Your current meal plan is: Active Lifestyle at 3000 calories with 600 added calories.
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Rockin' Body®
Slim in 6®
Turbo Jam®
P90X Chin-Up Bar
Heart Rate Monitor
Push-Up Stands
Resistance Bands
ActiVit® Multi-Vitamins
Whey Protein Powder
Pure Creatine
P90X® Peak Results and Recovery Formula
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I figured I'd better update this since it has been almost a month since my last entry. In that time, I have religiously kept up with my modified Beast schedule, barring the week at OBX... :) The More ...
Hello again. Day 3 of the 3 day Shake-O cleanse is finished.  My wife and I continued for the earlier portion of the day, til lunchtime today.  So 3 1/2 day cleanse :) We are planning More ...
Well, day 2 of the 3 day Shake-o cleanse is behind me.  Literally behind me! :) I was in a regular routine of hitting the scale before bed at night.  Imagine my surprise last night More ...
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