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worden, IL
Hi! My name is Pedro. The best way to reach me is by emailing me at
If I am your coach I want to remind you that I can't contact you until you contact me, so send me and email or stop by my thread in the P90X section of the boards "Papi's possibly painful P90X Path Starts TODAY!!!!!"
There you can see my journey with BB. Listen, this can be done! You see my before
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Well before you read my original transformation story I wanted to give you a quick update. I am currently on my 8th round of P90X and continue to get stronger and feel better. I can't say that I am More ...
Well before you read my original transformation story I wanted to give you a quick update. I am currently on my 8th round of P90X and continue to get stronger and feel better. I can't say that I am looking better because at 172 and 7~8% BF I just don't see how I can look better (maybe a new face j/k) I am currently mixing BB workouts in order to add variety and I like it. With so many wonderful workouts it is impossible to get tired of working out, at least for me. On and the before picture you see is my June 2007 winning after picture, so if you want to see my real BEFORE PICTURE come by my thread in the P90X area. Listen, I don't care what your previous experience with fitness products is...THIS WORKS...I AM A WALKING TESTIMONY THAT P90X WORKS.

Are you looking for a magic pill that will undo years of damage and neglect in a few months. Well here it is read below...
One night, as I was stuffing my face with some Oreos and watching TV, and a P90 commercial came on. As I watched I remember thinking, "Hey I think I will give this a try." I ordered P90 around April 2005, and there it sat in my TV cabinet until August 2006. I remember seeing the P90 commercial again and saying “Hey, I have that. Why am I still fat?” I discovered that just ordering P90 did not help you loose weight…it seems you actually have to do it?!?
Well that September I was finally fed up and not willing to accept that I was going to be an overweight, middle age out of shape man. That’s just not me. I don’t know why I let it happen, but enough is enough. Sooo…I got a TV, a DVD player, and the P90 DVDs and moved all of it to the basement. With determination in my heart (and fear that I would not follow through) I PUSHED PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I PUSHED PLAY…It is day 131, and I made it through P90. I am currently doing the P90 Master series in preparation for P90X, which is sitting in my basement waiting to be played. I have gone from 220+ lbs to a steady 185 lbs; from a 38+ waist to a loose 33~34 pant size. I HAVE MY MUSCLES BACK !! I have my 16” biceps back. I have triceps that my wife wants to take home ;-) I am constantly listening to “Hey, Pedro. Have you lost weight? Man you look great. What are you doing?" I cannot not explain to you how that makes me feel. My Children tell me “Wow, Papi, you’re ripped.” (remember they love me) But hey it’s not all about the looks. I have my strength back. I have my endurance back. My back doesn’t hurt any more. I AM IN SHAPE! And I like it. Listen, don’t give up on yourself. I tried that and it sucks. Suck it up. Push play for 90 days…don’t cheat…do it. You will love the new you that will emerge. This is a life changing experience that I will never forget…never look back. Mr Horton and Beachbody a million thanks. I know it was my commitment that made this possible, but without the tools and support you provided this would have not happened. I WILL PUSH PLAY TODAY !!!
PS: My wife liked what she saw, and now she's pushing PLAY!!!
April 13, 2007
Well my P90X DVD's are no longer sitting in the basement waiting to be played. They are in full use. I am currently on my third round of the program and WOW is all I can say. I can not believe the strength and stamina changes I have experience with P90X. It seems that it was just yesterday when I did(try to do) my first Yoga X workout or the first ABripperX workout. I thought "there is no way I will ever be able to do this" Well my last YOGA X workout was done fully with an "optional" pushup before every downward dog throughout the whole workout, and last night I did the abripperX 349 reps..yes...all of them...that's right. I love this workout and this new me. Oh, and a few days ago I was talking to my wife while dressing and I noticed the she was not making eye contact instead, she was checking me out...that's right...checking my bod...Take that middle age!!!!! In less than a year and a half the P90 series and BB supplements have erased over ten years on neglect and abuse.

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