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Moraine, OH
Finished my first round of Insanity on 10/7/12. Managed to lose 33.6 lbs and 22.5 inches. Beginning weight on 8/6/12 was 254.8 lbs and my weight at the end of round 1 is 221.2 lbs.

Started what I consider round 2B on 1/5/13. Can't wait to see where I'm at on day 63. So far, I have lost 66 lbs (down from 274 and currently 208). Ready to make a change in your own life? Let me help you!!!
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Well after completing one and a half rounds of Insanity, I fell of the wagon a bit. On November 19th, my girlfriend and I found out that we were going to become foster parents for 2 little boys (ages More ...
Well I started that dreaded month 2 on Saturday and let me tell you, I was left wondering how I ever completed it the first time through! Just like before though, I made it through Saturday and More ...
Today marks day 20 and is my last workout for week 3 of month 1. This round I have surprised myself in so many ways. My stamina has increased greatly, I can jump higher for power jumps, and I feel More ...
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