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My name is Alvin J. Lopez Gonzalez and I'm a Full Time Team Beachbody Five Star Diamond and Elite Coach. Recently named a Success Club All Star Legend. I'm from Puerto Rico.

I joined Beachbody so I could help others like me, I know how frustrating can be to give it your all and not see the expected results. Well, there are ways around those problems. We can find the solutions together.
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I Fired My Boss!
by TBB en Español on Friday, July 22, 2011 at 12:09pm

By Christian Hernandez

Beachbody Staff Writer

“I worked as a teacher for seven long years. More ...
I Fired My Boss!
by TBB en Español on Friday, July 22, 2011 at 12:09pm

By Christian Hernandez

Beachbody Staff Writer

“I worked as a teacher for seven long years. I loved it, but I only made enough to survive and pay the bills.”

We all dream of the day where we can have a business and be our own boss, especially if it’s a business that genuinely touches the lives of many people and helps them achieve their goals. Someone who has been able to do this is Alvin J. Lopez. He decided to fire his boss! Why?

Alvin’s story begins in 2004, he had just graduated from college with a degree in education, and married the love of his life. It was a new chapter for him, and one that he looked forward too. As a family man, he had always aspired to have the possibility of providing enough for his wife and kids. “I didn’t want to tell my children I couldn’t pay for something,” he states. After school, he started teaching in private schools.

“I was making less than what a teacher should be making in the public school system.”

But he didn’t lose sight of his desires. He always wanted to provide more to his loved ones, but was never able to. And it was that desire that took him to take the next step in his life.

Be a Product of the Product

Alvin is a faithful believer in the Beachbody® products he shares with those around him. “My fitness goals, well, I always said that at 30 I would begin to worry about that.” But before hitting the big three-O, Alvin started doing P90X®. “My body type is genetically the hard gainer type. It’s very difficult for me to get visible results, but that hasn’t stopped me.” As of today, he’s gained definition and muscular mass on his arms, chest, and back. “I’ve reduced my belly quite a lot, and soon I’ll start seeing a six-pack.”

After seeing great results with Beachbody® products, Alvin was introduced to the Coach opportunity on November 2010. “I loved it,” he states, “I started helping people online, on, and even my family. Many people related to my testimony and how we can’t let excuses stop us. Excuses like, ‘I can’t,’ or, ‘I’m not seeing any progress.’ But we can, some slower than others, but it’s possible. It’s all in the commitment.” And commitment is what keeps him moving forward. Since becoming a Coach, Alvin has clearly defined his goals, and is now on a clear path to success.

“Serving my clients and my Coaches got me to Emerald in a month, and to Diamond in five. But my proudest achievement was to FIRE MY BOSS!”

“Now I make more than when I was teaching. It’s hard to believe I was making very little for such a long time.” And in that short period of time, Alvin has managed to have a team of over 48 Coaches.

“My goal is to become a 1 Star Diamond during the Success Club Team Challenge while still helping people.”

Like many Coaches, Alvin has a WHY that fuels his will. In his case, it’s helping his family and those in need. “My WHY is to be able to provide for my parents as they did for me. I also want to establish non-profit organization that helps people in disadvantaged communities.”

Coach’s Playbook:

Educate your downline

Identify your weaknesses

Leverage your Coach Online Office

Define your WHY

If you’re bilingual, use that to your advantage

Alvin J. Lopez, Diamond Coach

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