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Salt Lake City, UT
I used to be a pretty active person, back in my "Prime"... but I allowed Life's challenges & trials to govern my mind, body, and soul. For 11 years, I was in a physical & mental SLUMP...and all I did was find "comfort" in Food. I avoided the scale throughout all of it and once I became curious enough to see where my weight was, I found myself at my personal highest
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After 11 sad years of being a completely inactive person, I finally reached a point in my life where I had to face the reality that "Enough is Enough"... After avoiding the scale for so long, and a More ...
After 11 sad years of being a completely inactive person, I finally reached a point in my life where I had to face the reality that "Enough is Enough"... After avoiding the scale for so long, and a month after having begrudgingly purchased the largest-sized pair of jeans I had ever had to buy, I found myself staring at my scale as I stood upon it. In complete horror I realized that I had reached my absolute highest weight yet.I knew that something had to be done- immediately. Thankfully, I had re-acquainted myself with an old friend from back home (Miami)... my Coach and Mentor Wendy S. She and another friend of mine (Giselle P.) had been sharing their Health and Fitness journey and successes through Facebook, and I was a huge supporter of their posts & progress. I decided to dust off my old TurboJAM DVD's from my storage closet and get to work. I made this decision in "secret", only my Husband knew about it, and one day I was in an online conversation with Wendy, and I mentioned to her that I was on Week 2 of the program. She invited me to join one of her Challenge Groups, and my life has been changed for the better ever since then. I completed the TurboJAM program and in 4 months, I had lost 26.6 lbs, and 17 inches off of my entire body. What a wonderful experience that was! Unfortunately, I allowed other extra-curricular activities get in the way of my Health & Fitness goals for a solid 4 months. I failed to weigh myself during that time, and I ate unhealthy foods. When I finally weighed myself again - I realized that I had taken HUGE steps backwards. I knew exactly what I needed to do to not dwell on that feeling of "failure" I felt at that moment.... I needed to go to where I knew I could get a positive outlook on feeling free to move I went back to Coach Wendy and got myself back into the swing of things. I have just now completed Week 4 of TurboFIRE, and I have a long way to go - but the future seems SO bright! I am a FULL BELIEVER of the benefits of doing a Beachbody program, coupled with drinking Shakeology (which I LOVE). I am feeling great and I am ON MY WAY to reaching my goal to live a long life that is Happy & Healthy! I also have decided to become a Beachbody Coach as well. I have enjoyed being in Challenge Groups - there is a whole lot of support and love and guidance going on in those groups - it makes my day! I want to bring that kind of drive, light, and motivation to others around me! I want to invite anyone and everyone to join me in this amazing journey. I look forward to meeting my goals and becoming the Healthy, Active, Motivated person that I KNOW I have in me. I am fully committed to completing TurboFIRE and moving forward with other successful Beachbody programs. Since my job requires 10 hour days, I have a set time for my workouts. I sincerely look forward every day to my 4am workouts during the week. Like my Coach once said "I don't have time - I MAKE time!" Healthy habits are easier to instill than one might think! I am glad that this is a path I have chosen. Thank you Beachbody!

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Making a commitment to a Beachbody program has been an incredible experience. I have never taken the time & positive focus to do something good for myself. My entire life- I have always been More ...
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