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Napa, CA
Hello My name is Steve, I'm a 6'-4" 59 year old Husband and Father to 28
year old Son. I work as General Contractor doing Foundations, Framing and
Finish work. We live in the Napa Valley of Northern California. My wife and I
like to go diving, play tennis and snow ski. We've been diving in Cozumel
Mexico, Carmel,Monterey CA, Aruba, Riviera Maya, Florida Keys,Roatan
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I started Power 90 in September 2003 only it wasn't what Tony intended. I took the 90 part out of the program by just playing with the sculpt with no sweat. (I'm bad)
As a working Building More ...
I started Power 90 in September 2003 only it wasn't what Tony intended. I took the 90 part out of the program by just playing with the sculpt with no sweat. (I'm bad)
As a working Building Contractor I had to carry tools from my truck to the work area. Heavy tools, compressors, chop saws, saw stands. Well I got a job that required me to carry my tools farther, up and down stairs, IT WAS KILLING ME! At 50 years of age I felt if I built a little muscle, it wouldn't be so hard. So I began to use Power 90 Sculpt 1-2 every other day. I also was careful about what I ate, no record, but probably up on the tier 2,3,4 of Michi's ladder. Even with my hit miss workouts I saw great results, I went from September 239 lbs to December weighing 222 lbs but the best results were no more sore muscles from lugging my tools everywhere. That was my goal so I was happy with that.

Then summer 2004 I start gaining a few pounds. It was over-confidence that my body was working harder with a
little muscle thus I could eat more, SO I DID. August I was back up to 229 lbs.
I began going online and see all the REAL P90 users and the results that they were having and decided Hey lets use the program the way its supposed to be used. Plus My Wife and I had a dive trip planned for Cozumel, Mexico.
Now at 51 and going with a bunch of people who are 20 years younger and in much better shape. I felt, Lets get with it and see some results. So I started the Real P90 program towards the end of September. I've completed P90 and started P90X. My strength and endurance is great and I'm extremely motivated. My goals are to Keep up the workouts either another round of P90X or P90 Both workouts are great. UPDATE 04/01/05- I finished
P90X round 1 and will start another round next week. My reason is that I know the results have been hindered by injuries. The first on was a pulled
pectoral muscle the very first workout where pull ups occurred. But the last
time I did pull ups was when i weighed 145 lbs. Since I graduated from p90 thought pull ups let me at em. as workouts went i was happy with my results not much weight lose but my bod was a changing.Yeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaa.
Even though I did p90x complete, I couldn't give it 100% I had a few injuries.Soooooooooooooo here goes P90X Round II BRING IT! UPDATE July 23, 2005 I
finished Round II of P90X and yes I'm happy with the results. I'm stronger,
more flexible, and the health benefits are what i appreciate most. My before
picture is one of not being in too bad of shape, but my blood pressure was
borderline of being low-high, i had edema in my legs on a daily basis, and I
seemed to get most of the colds and flu-bugs that everyone else had. With a
good diet, consistent exercise, I feel great. Blood pressure is 120/80, no
more edema, now when everyone else gets sick my resistance seems to ward
off all those little bugs. PLUS now I can do pull ups, one-armed push ups, and
pretty much run people into the ground is some of the endurances sports that I do, Snow Sking, (bashing bumps again) Tennis, I can now run 2 miles no problem, which is unusual because I had knee swelling issues with my left knee. I do have a theory. My body was out of
balance. With the consistent exercise routines that sculpt the whole body, my
body became more balanced and caused less stress on the knee, due to
added and balanced muscle strength,(going to run that by Steve Edwards next
time I chat with him) So can I recommend P90 and P90X? Absolutely. I loved P90X and what it did for me. I have to admit at being a little older, I was a
little intimidated with Me doing P90X, and as noted above I did have a few
problems but I think that was my bring it, attitude. I had the same attitude for round II and really had no injuries to speak of, just bigger stronger (muscles that work)I've taken my two weeks off now, and im chomping at the
bit to start another round of something, I GUESS I'LL JUST DO ANOTHER ROUND OF P90X-----------
---BRING IT! I've done 1 more round of P90X. Here's the problem that I have.
The last full round completed Was in May 07 Then I took the two weeks off
that continued for three months with a week of starting here and there but
finally getting serious again in September, but those months of slacking took
there toll in muscle loss and weight gain. What really matters is, I started
another round Sept 4, 2007, and IT FEELS GOOD. -----July 28, 2008.----- I started another round of P90X Aug 10 two weeks in haven't missed a day.

I feel real good except for tetanus shot reaction, what a disaster, got a booster
shot Feb 14 and it attacked the muscles in my arm then went bi-lateral on
me and still kills me to lift my arms over my head. but I'm doing work
a rounds and just gritting my teeth a lot. This is good, the pain in the opposite arm went away the first month into this round, the pain in the injected arm went away somewhere in the third month. Finished that round and took some time off and started another round Jan 5 2009. I have been a Daily prize winner 2 times $300.00 each time. I like that.

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