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Hi, my name is Angie and I have worked as a physical therapist in the hospital setting since 2001. I started using Beachbody in August of 2010 and I haven't turned back. I was always athletic as a kid and in highschool, playing sports. In college exercise went on the back backburner somewhat. This was followed by years of off and on memberships to various gyms and mediocre results. After
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Prior to Team Beachbody, I was 150 pounds at 5'2. Now I'm 123 and I size 6, sometimes 4. Early on I was able to lose 15 pounds gradually with changing my diet and exercising at the gym with elliptical More ...
Prior to Team Beachbody, I was 150 pounds at 5'2. Now I'm 123 and I size 6, sometimes 4. Early on I was able to lose 15 pounds gradually with changing my diet and exercising at the gym with elliptical and weights or on a home stationary bike. I have always been athletic but it was hard to get to the gym consistently, even though it was only 2 miles away!

I decided to try P90X after seeing the infomercials numerous times over the years. I have been doing P90X since last year,finishing several rounds total with some breaks between each round. I've completed P90X2, Turbo Fire, Insanity, Pump, and Les Mills Combat. I feel great knowing that I am exercising consistently, challenging myself, getting a lot of variety, strengthening my core, covering all the bases of fitness, and feeling better physically with each workout. My clothes have become looser. I've had to take most of my pants in at the waist. I went down to a size 6 from a size 10-12. It's the most consistent I've ever been with exercising. I eat healthily but I still enjoy good wine with friends and good restaurants. I am so happy with how far I've come with respect to my endurance, strength,and energy. I did a hilly 60 mile bike ride for charity last fall and a few seasoned riders were surprised with how well I kept up with them when I told them I only ride occasionally. I knew that was thanks to P90X.

Working in healthcare in the hospital setting, I have realized that having your health is so important, and prevention is key, so using Beachbody's programs and nutritionals will surely be a long term way of staying healthy for me. With so much variety, and the tons of support online from great people, I can't imagine ever getting bored with staying fit. I've never been able to exercise as consistently as I have with Beachbody. And with everything you get, it's really works great for me compared to gym memberships. I cancelled my gym membership last fall and I am sticking with Beachbody.

As Team Beachbody Coach I want to help you reach your fitness goals, with positive encouragement and guidance. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions at or on facebook at Angie deBorja Fitness.

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Your current meal plan is: Power Vegetarian at 1300 calories.
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Really enjoying Turbo Fire so far. I modify the schedule at times if my schedule is crazy and do make up workouts on the rest day. I'm very excited to have become a new coach to help others get fit. More ...
Since starting Turbo Fire 4/2/12 and drinking Shakeology my clothes are fitting looser! I haven't taken any measurements but I almost feel like I don't need to! Really liking Turbo Fire. Very tough More ...
Did Turbo Fire last night for the 1st time. Couldn't believe I burned 392 calories in only 40 minutes!
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