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Terre Haute, IN
I have always had a weight problem. I did Weight Watchers when I was in Junior High and it worked but my mom and I stopped going it became to expensive. I quit and I quit loosing weight, sadly the weight came back on and some. In High School I was never less than 180 pounds. By graduation I was just at 200. Now almost 5 years later I'm at a whopping 265. This is not okay. For one it is very
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I've been a size 20/22 for a year! I can now fit into size 18 jeans! I'm so excited!! I had to wear my new jeans to work today! :) It's only gonna get better. I'm not back sliding anymore and I'm not More ...
It really sucks when your life gets so busy you have no 'me' time. I got super busy with work than got sick and my workout got put on the backburner. Well I'm finally better and I have restarted my More ...
I'm not making any excuses anymore for not getting my workouts in. I just worked an 11 hour work day. 10 am until 9:00 pm and I came home and instead of setting on my ass, I worked out and completed More ...
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