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I'm a 44 year old computer professional. After years of being lazy, working too hard at a computer, sleeping too little, and eating everything in sight, I was in a bottomless pit, devoid of water and no rope to climb out. I clicked 'play' on P90X for the first time on 1 January 2013, and I haven't looked back. I've worked out every single day since. I also have learned
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2014. I envision being 15 lbs heavier in one year, with less body fat. Doing P90X3 classic (Jan-Mar), Elite Block (Apr), P90X3 mass (May-Jul), and The Beast (Aug-Dec). Currently at 3,400-3600 More ...
2014. I envision being 15 lbs heavier in one year, with less body fat. Doing P90X3 classic (Jan-Mar), Elite Block (Apr), P90X3 mass (May-Jul), and The Beast (Aug-Dec). Currently at 3,400-3600 calories with a rotating shift of macronutrients being timed to the peak of perfection. Struggling with going to bed as early as I want.

2013. While doing P90X twice in the first half of 2014, I lost 36 lbs. Then, while doing P90X2 for strength, power, and performance, I put on a little muscle. I loved the taste of it, and put on 10-15lbs doing The Beast to finish 2014.

After years of being lazy, working too hard on the computer, sleeping too little, and eating everything in sight, I was so far out of shape that it would seem impossible to ever be in the shape I am now. I had willingly sacrificed my health for everything else, but everything else was falling apart because of it. The year was 2012. I was 190lbs. At a dead end in terms of my health. It seemed the norm to simply give in at this point in life, and to release any notion of being into fitness, to relax the struggle, and to feed to the 'wrath of time' what it needs to thrive while turning a blind eye to the withering in the mirror. But I am a fighter and a huge believer in triumph over adversity through hard work and progress towards a vision.

I'm an extreme personality, so after seeing the infomercial and doing a lot research I ordered P90X and a bunch of equipment. And there it all sat, unopened, for months. Little did I know at the time that my, 'waiting for the right time' excuse was really my fear of engulfment acting up. I did not know if I had it in me. The hill in front of me seemed too steep and too high.

I never realized this before, but my fear of engulfment actually has a purpose and is the result of my passion once committed to an ideal. I realized that I had arrived at a crossroads, where neither way was without peril. In one direction, a life of physical deterioration but great feasts and little work. In the other direction, engulfed into a life of physical health but great effort, passion, hard work, and determination. The easy road to regret or the steep road to the mountain top. I knew I had it in myself to do whatever I officially decided to do. But the idea of it, the shear enormity of the task, and the level of engulfment I would need to muster was terrifying... And then a breakthrough.

One path would engulf me, but the other path I could engulf. It would not be easy, I would need to 'go in' with all or nothing. The alternative seemed like death to me, so I started the climb.

I chose all.

On 1 Jan 2013, I hit 'play' for the first time and have not looked back since. In 2013, I did P90X, P90X again, P90X2, and the Body Beast. Now I'm doing P90X3. I did not anticipate achieving what I have, not even close. My life is so much more fulfilling that I cannot even begin to describe it.

My resolution was to work out everyday for one year, even if it was only stretching. I decided to follow everything prescribed in the P90X guidebook, to the 'T'. Shakeology every morning, P90X Protein bars for brunch, the right nutrition all day, and all the workouts. The first week was extremely difficult, both in terms of the workouts and the nutrition. Bad habits built up over years were difficult to break. But I kept hitting 'play'. The second week was even more difficult because I was sore from the first week and the workouts weren't getting easier. But I kept hitting 'play'. Day after day. Nobody but me was there in my head and heart to know what that was like, but many of the people here can definitely relate I am sure.

Soon, I was able to actually do the routines. I started having highs (and lows) throughout the weeks. So many moments alone, by myself with the T.V., that I will never forget. This also began having a positive effect in other areas of my life. I cannot explain how, but everything improved. I was better, more efficient at work. I was communicating better and thinking clearer. My relationships all became more meaningful. I started seeing beauty in things like I had not seen for a long time. I started feeling. I was loving life again.

So, after losing 25lbs in P90X, I kept going. In April, I hit 'play' on the second P90X. Battling through the flu and a broken finger, not to mention finding a way to work out while travelling, I just kept hitting play. It was still very hard, but progress is addictive. It was awesome. By summer, I was 36lbs lighter with less than 10% body fat! And, I still had muscle. My shirt was off at the beach and the water parks, when a year before I was embarrassed to be seen. Now I was walking around in a newly renovated body, like, 'Wow!, this is me!' And I wanted to keep going; I was passionately addicted to progress and needed more.

I couldn't lose any more fat, so I reassessed my goals and decided to focus on power, strength, and performance. I kicked off the second half of the year by hitting 'play' on P90X2, which was the perfect program for where I was at. It took me to new heights. Awesome program. Performance improvements were clearly evident when I played basketball, where I was better than ever before. As a kid, I did springboard diving. I hadn't been on the board and in the water for 10-15 years, but was able to get on the board and dive as if I never stopped! My strength really improved, and by the end of P90X2 I was noticing additional muscle building, and whoa nelly, that's all it took.

With my improved performance, lean and mean body, what else was there? I spent the last quarter of 2013 building muscle -- I hit 'play' on The Body Beast!! I really hope they do a Beast 2 someday. This was a great program and again exactly what I needed at the time. I went all in, and put on 10-15lbs of mostly muscle. By the end of the program, my year long resolution was fulfilled. I did it!!! I was a completely different person, inside and out. I looked at pictures before and after, and was so proud of myself. It seemed like yesterday that I was fat with no muscle. But it wasn't yesterday. It was a long, long time day-by-day, but time overall went by fast. I know what I did, and the heart it took to do it. I made myself a huge success. It feels so good to get out of bed in the morning and feel my abs and core, I reach to open a door and can feel my arms bulging, and when I hug someone I feel them feeling my muscles.

I believe that success without fulfillment is failure; fortunately, I feel so fulfilled throughout this journey. I began this journey alone, and was not going to tell anyone. But you don't lose 36lbs without people noticing. At first, I would just say, 'yeah, I'm trying to eat better and get outside more.' But eventually, the changes were so stark that I had to elaborate. Once I started talking, I didn't stop. I came out of my shell about it and shared everything. What I learned is that many people were still in the place I left -- and they wanted a life raft. People listened and thought. Soon, I started seeing less donuts in the morning. Other people started talking about their nutrition and fitness. Friends, family, co-workers, all started making changes, losing weight and becoming nutritionally wiser. I have become a believer in the power of feeling and projecting love. This is what I did, and it has come back to me, multiplied. Another person I know who is now doing P90X was 300lbs and has already lost 30lb! Seeing people change direction and being part of that is a great joy. I have even decided to become a Beachbody Coach! My coach, Bethanie Dunseith, sets an awesome example and has quite a transformation story to tell as well.

Semper Fi! I joined the Marine Corps in 1988. Throughout the 90's, I do not believe the Marines fully understood the fundamentals of fitness. I did a ton of situps and running, but I never came close to having the body I have now. My nutrition was likewise horrible at the time - eating everything in sight and drinking gatorade by the gallon. I never had abs, and now I do! I think the Marines have gotten better with fitness since those times, and I'm happy about that. But I also think that they would do better to follow Beachbody's programs, and I hope they do.

Most importantly on this journey has been the development of my son. Before, I was setting a poor example and feeding him pure crap. At 13, he too was already out of shape. This was a great source of worry for me, and I felt ashamed. I don't know what he thought when I started this. But he was watching. The first time he noticed results in me; I'll never forget his face. It was life changing. Eventually, he decided to try P90X. He started and stopped, then started and stopped again after a week or two. He had never worked out before. It was hard, and the timing was not right. Then, in mid-Nov 2013, he started P90X again and made it half way through phase 2. He didn't quit there, but that's when P90X3 arrived. The next day, he started P90X3. On 16 Mar 14 I held a champion ceremony for him, crowning him P90X3 Champion. I do not see it as graduation because it is a permanent change. He is a warrior and a champion. He did the whole program! Every day. He lost fat and gain 10lbs! He's more confident, is getting straight A's, and has meaningful friendships. I wasn't going to ask what he would do, but the day after he finished P90X3, he started it again as if by habit. Now he is doing Elite Block with me. I am soooooo proud of him, and this gives me the greatest joy of all.

I battled and overcame so many things along my journey (e.g. injuries, illness, motivation, time constraints, weather, etc...), and there are others who have too. I love reading the success stories, especially the ones where someone has lost like 100lbs, or someone over 50 who has put on lean muscle, or women have built solid muscle mass (instead of just losing weight). I also frequent Reddit's 'loseit' subreddit a lot ( This has been incredibly, incredibly difficult for me, almost every day; and then, I see these people who perhaps have it even harder than me. And I look at their faces, and I see it. I can't describe it, but I recognize it. The joy, the struggle, the sacrifice, and ultimately, the fulfillment that they are experiencing. The other day I learned that I won $1,000 in the Beach Body Challenge. I couldn't be happier. I wouldn't trade $1,000,000 for what I have, but the $1,000 is icing on the cake. And the recognition from Beachbody itself is very rewarding. I feel like a squire who has become a knight. It is a prize on top of success and fulfillment!

I just completed P90X3 Classic, eating 3400 calories a day throught. I gained 3-5 pounds and no body fat%. I'm now in week2 of the Elite Block. I've dropped my calories to 2700 to lean out a little, and have lost 3 pounds. By the end, I'll be back to my start weight but with more lean muscle. The effect of this is that my muscles look bigger, more defined. I wish everybody could feel what I feel. I'm going to do either P90X3 Mass or Body Beast next, and probably Beast for the whole 2nd half of the year. I want to pack on some serious muscle prior to next summer..

Well anyways, if you read this far, thanks! I'm off to hit 'play' on another great workout from the Picasso of fitness experts -- Tony Horton.

I hope your journey is as fulfilling as mine. Please say, 'Hi,' if you can. I love you.

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