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Green Bay, WI
Welcome to Team Beachbody. I am a TBB Coach and am ready to help YOU succeed and to begin your TBB Transformation.

March of 2012 marked my 10 year anniversary of my committment to get back in shape. Beachbody was there in the beginning and is there today.

In July, 2007 I won the Monthly Transformation Contest, for 50+ Women.

You can also find me in the message boards under Team Beach Body
My Progress
My fitness goal: Lower Cholesterol

Transformation story

I began exercising around the age of 25, when I joined the local Y. I maintained a membership for about 20 years. I felt I needed to be a member to keep exercising. I'd go three times a week, More ...
I began exercising around the age of 25, when I joined the local Y. I maintained a membership for about 20 years. I felt I needed to be a member to keep exercising. I'd go three times a week, doing weights and cardio each time. I was able to maintain my weight around 135-140. Lots of things changed when I got married and started raising a family. I didn't start having kids until later in life, 4 days after my daughter was born, I turned 40. Three years later my son was born, going to a health club got to be too expensive. I tried to get into a workout routine at home. It didn't work. The weight started to creep on.

In April, 2002 my Beachbody journey began. P90 was my first workout. I started weighing 148 lbs. with 26% body fat. What I remember most about that first month was the feeling that I was cheating when I was done. You see, I'd spend one hour at the Y three times a week and see very little results. I was a paying member for 20 years. Here I was only a month into P90 exercising about 30 minutes a day, and already seeing results. I knew I hit gold. In 90 days I lost 16 lbs. My great results earned me a trip to Hawaii in 2002. My laugh can be seen on many of the Beachbody workout trailers.

I took advantage of the community support in the message boards at the start of Power90. For me, it was the key to my success. The motivation I lacked in the past from trying to do it alone was gone. I wasn't alone anymore. I had a huge community to help me along the way. I needed the encouragement from others who were going through similar programs. There have been bumps along the way. I'm not perfect and neither is my eating. I have struggles just like many others. The Community message boards help me through those difficult times.

I have most of the workout programs that Beachbody has come out with. I'd often customize my routine to include several programs in a given week.

Things changed in 2010. I got an injury, plantar facitis and had to modify my routine while my feet heal. Switched to a combination of Slim in 6 and Slim Series. No jumping allowed on these sore feet. Slowly they are healing. Later that year I had a knee injury. It happened while on a walk. I gave it some rest, thought it healed OK, went back to daily workouts.

In February of 2011, I reinjured it. Could put no weight on it at all. Went to a sports medicine clinic and started physical therapy. X-rays showed arthritis in both knees. The doctor thought that tendonitis might of been part of the problem too. I was advised to ease off the daily workouts to give my muscles more time to heal between workouts. I went back to the "Y" days of three times a week. The physical therapist said weight bearing and stretching exercises are important for rehabilitation and to prevent repeat injury. I stuck with Slim Series and Slim in 6. Within a couple weeks I was back to three times a week workouts.

My routine as of now (Fall,2012) is a workout three times a week, with daily walks.

As a Team Beachbody Coach I will share my 30+ years experience in helping others reach their health and fitness goals. The knowledge I have of the Beachbody programs is an asset when coaching others in the Beachbody community.

Meal plan:
Your current meal plan is: Power Vegetarian at 1500 calories.
Workout programs:
PiYo® - primary program
Heart Rate Monitor
Resistance Bands
Weighted Gloves
ActiVit® Multi-Vitamins
Core Cal-Mag™
Core Omega-3™
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