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Clarksville, TN
Hello everyone. I am John. I am 44 years old, and retired from the Army.
I want to share why I became a Beach Body coach.

In May of 2012, I was at rock bottom. I was overweight, depressed, self destructive, and on the verge of becoming an alcoholic. I purchased Insanity at 1 AM in the morning from an informercial and vowed that this time, I would not quit on myself. The problem was, though, I
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My Challenges
I served 23 years in the Army, spending the last 10 years of my career bouncing back and forth between Iraq, Korea, and Fort Campbell. In 2008, I had an extensive knee surgery More ...
My Challenges
I served 23 years in the Army, spending the last 10 years of my career bouncing back and forth between Iraq, Korea, and Fort Campbell. In 2008, I had an extensive knee surgery (Meniscus, ACL Revision, and Microfracture – all at the same time) and started to gain weight. I started to ride the weight loss roller coaster, losing 10 pounds and feeling great, then gaining back 12 pounds. I tried many brand name diet pills and weight loss shakes, only to find that they were ineffective to a sedentary lifestyle. I would drink a protein shake for breakfast, which had absolutely ZERO nutritional value, thinking that I was doing something healthy. I got into the habit of relying on advice from the ‘experts’ at the local nutrition store, who would just push their inventory on me and not necessarily give me what I needed or was asking for. I would literally justify spending $200 plus every month to get the newest weight loss product on the market. If this sounds familiar to you, keep reading. You to can be fit after 40.
I continued to slowly gain weight, and in 2010, when I retired from the Army, my weight fluctuated from 240 to 248 pounds. I was in a rut. I was so embarrassed to even be seen in public, that my wife would make excuses for us not to meet with friends. I would come home from work, typically hitting a drive-thru, because I had starved myself all day, then I would sit on the couch and wait for dinner while I played computer games to escape reality. I began to drink a lot. When I would get home from work, I’d let the dogs out and make a Jack & Coke before letting them back in. I slipped into a depression and even contemplated suicide for a time. Our friends accepted me but I was always uncomfortable around them. I had become paranoid and always felt like they were talking about me behind my back. To be healthy and fit was what I wanted, what I needed! I purchased P90X and started pressing play, only to quit after the first month. To be fit after 40, for me, had become a distant dream.
Turning Point
My turning point began at a Christmas party, in December 2011, when a good friend of mine poked my belly and made the Pillsbury Doughboy sound. He was one my mentors in the Army,and someone that I really looked up to. That really struck home for me. I pulled out the P90X DVDs and blew the dust off and started pressing play again, only to quit 30 days later.
Path to Success
By May 2012, I had hit rock bottom with my drinking, my depression, and even my marriage began to suffer. I felt that I had to make a change in my life. I was sitting on the couch, my favorite spot, and an Insanity infomercial came on. It hit me like a sledge hammer that that was my solution. I bought the program that night, and eagerly awaited its arrival. I thought about my failures with P90X, and I was determined not to fail again, so I got onto the Beach Body Website and looked for some help. I found a coach that would hold me accountable and support me through the two month program. Without a coach, I absolutely would have quit on myself again. I was going to be fit after 40, no matter what. I made a vow to stop eating fast food. I counted my calories using I limited Carbohydrates during my evening meal. I stuck to a 2,000 calorie diet. I started drinking Shakeology every day. I weighed myself daily. I measured myself every Sunday. I pressed play six days a week.
I started Insanity on 21 May, with before pics and a Fitness Test, and began a path to be fit after 40. The warm up wore me out. I was a long way from being fit after 40, but I was starting, and the only way to finish something is to start. Thankfully, the workouts in the first month were only 40-45 minutes, and broken down so well that the workout was over before I knew it. The weight started to come off. My size 40 pants started to get loose. After the first month was completed, I was down 15 pounds and 2 inches in my waste. I felt great. I was sleeping better at night, and waking up earlier (5:00 Am), but was more rested than I had been in years. I took my 30 day photos and saw significant changes in my body, and could not wait for month two. By the end of the two month program, I had dropped 29 pounds and 16 inches all over my body. I was out of size 40 Jeans and into size 34. Since May 2012, I have completed two rounds of Insanity and started a round of Asylum, and have lost a total of 40 pounds. I have become fit after 40,a Beach Body coach and am passionate about helping people to achieve their fitness goals.

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Your current meal plan is: Active Lifestyle at 3000 calories.
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I never thought, in May 2012, weighing in at 248 pounds, that I would ever even complete a round of Insanity.  But, with the help of my Beach Body coach, I was able to complete two back to back More ...
Hello everyone.  I am John.  I am 44 years old, and retired from the Army. I want to share why I became a Beach Body coach. In May of 2012, I was at rock bottom. I was overweight, More ...
Hey guys and gals,  I wanted to give you an update on Body Beast.  I am 44 years old and really felt that my weight lifting years were long gone.  Not the case with Body Beast. More ...
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