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Saint-Basile-le-Grand, QC
I am Canadian, born and raised in Montreal...but in all honesty, I am a student of this world and love every bit of this planet! Recently, Beachbody came to Canada, giving the BEST opportunity of my life to pay it forward, so here I am :)

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According to my mom, I was a very active baby when she was pregnant with me…rumors are that I was trying to win the marathon or practicing being Muhamad Ali even before being born. With all that More ...
According to my mom, I was a very active baby when she was pregnant with me…rumors are that I was trying to win the marathon or practicing being Muhamad Ali even before being born. With all that energy, I was riding my first bicycle on two wheels at the age of 3...looks like the passion for sports and fitness is, indeed, in your blood!

From that point on, it was clear that sports and wellness were going to be the main focus of my life. As soon as I turned 9 years old, I started to compete in cross-country skiing, shattering all the records for someone my age. The potential I had was too strong and I had to race in older categories to be able to improve my skills...that or train and compete with guys.

Soon enough, I started practicing roller speed skating, so that I could be able to compete and train all year around, having a winter sport and a summer one. In 1996, at 11 years old, I beat the World Record for the 10 km (still not beat at the moment) in Roller Speed Skating, all ages together…shortly after that, it was decided for me that I should re-orientate in mountain biking during summers.

Turned out I had potential in this sport too; I became the North America Champion in cross-country skiing and a national champion in mountain biking. Life was almost too good to be true, going to school in a Sports Academy, focusing on what mattered for me. But when I turned 16 years old, life decided to let me know that challenges were not only gonna happen through sports.

I lost 5 members of family during that year and my parents divorced…leaving me with one of the biggest hole I have ever had to deal with. So, I decided to take a year off, which turned into me focusing on my career…giving up the Olympic dream! But you know, in life, it is not about the amount of times that you fall, it’s about how you come back up.

Even though I was not competing anymore, I kept practicing new sports…it kinda made me feel alive. I started hockeying, snowboarding, motocrossing, swimming, kept hitting the gym, and much more…I would definitely practice every sport if I could. Nutrition has always been really important for me; I strongly believe that you are what you eat. You get so much more energy and wellness from proper nutrition that from junk food.

I now graduated from Civil Engineering and I soon realized that I want to help people, I want to change the world in any way I can, because I believe that everyone can hit success, be healthy, fit and wealthy. With my professional sports background I have the knowledge that it takes to be a good coach and bring people further than they ever thought possible.

With my passion for fitness and wellness and my set of skills I want to help people achieve their goals. For me, I turned my Olympic Dream into a much bigger dream…the well being of one another…and this, is, the ultimate…at least I’d know that all these scars weren’t in vain.

A great man said:”Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!” Muhamad Ali is a great inspiration for me and I try to live everyday like it was my last; because every breath I take is one step closer to my dreams!

Julie 1-(514)-743-0539

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Hi :) As a selected National contender for the Miss Universe Canada 2013, I am very honored and excited to write to you. The main reason why I thought of you is because of your More ...
ok guys a little bit of tough love this morning; but I just have to say it, and sometimes people just need to hear it. I am so tired of listening to people telling me that it is so hard to eat well, More ...
So, this morning I am pretty bummed out...been really tired lately, my diet is in calorie deficit...when I say deficit I mean I eat 1300 calories a day and I am at a very low carb intake (about More ...
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