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Way way back when I was just a teenager my brother, Peter, got me started on lifting weights. Peter would get the Muscle and Fitness magazines where Rachel McLish and Arnold were big names (I know More ...
Way way back when I was just a teenager my brother, Peter, got me started on lifting weights. Peter would get the Muscle and Fitness magazines where Rachel McLish and Arnold were big names (I know that's ageing me)throughout my teens and 20's I exercised to stay shape. When I was in my 30's all that changed. I was high risk for both my pregnancies so all I could do was sit on the sofa or be in bed AHHHH talk about going crazy. After my 1st son was born, Jared, I lost the baby weight - 60 - pounds in 4 months by going back to my old exercising ways. I got pregnant for my 2nd son when Jared was 5 months and once again was on bed rest.

When Logan was born he was 11 pounds and I had gained 70. This time was very different. Logan was sick a lot for his first 2 years, he was always in the hospital, he didn't sleep more than 20 minutes, he had numerous ear infections etc. When Logan was 2 he was diagnosed with Autism and in the same month the high tech crash happened and my husband lost his job. Within a short period of time we lost our home, went bankrupt and sold most of everything we owned to pay for therapies for Logan. We had no help. I won't get into everything we went through but it was bad – I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

I tried to exercise but was so depressed and exhausted that it wouldn't last too long. I didn't loose all the baby weight I put on which only made me more depressed. Almost 4 years ago I bought Chalean Extreme and I loved the dvd's. I said to myself “this is it I’m going to commit to doing exercise again – no matter how little sleep I get (Logan doesn't sleep for more than a few hours a night)”. I stuck to it for the first 2 months then on October 30, 2009 I was in a car accident where a 2 ton truck rear ended me and 6 other cars. The driver was caught and charged – thank god. I wound up having whiplash in my back and neck and I managed to hurt my right shoulder. For over a year I couldn't do anything and once again I fell into a depression, I was dealing with Logan and his disabilities, my mother developed Alzheimer’s/Dementia, Diabetes; my dad needed his hip replaced, Tim (my husband) is ADHD; Jared has ADHD and Dyslexia; and I was working.

In 2011, I was feeling so down I couldn't believe how our life was going. One night in the wee hours about 3am I was awake with Logan and I saw the Turbo Fire commercial and I decided to give it a try. My injuries were better so I ordered the dvd's and was so excited when they came – this time I knew it was going to work and it did for the few months. On August 20, 2011, I was in another car accident. This time it was worse our car was totalled and Logan was in the car with me. Neither one of us were seriously injured – thank god – and this driver was charged because he cut us off as he was in a hurry to see his girlfriend. My old injuries came back and this time I hurt my right knee. I had to stop exercising again. This time my depression got worse, Logan started suffering from PTSD so I was leaving work all the time to pick him up from school for behaviour issues. We saw so many doctors and they all said they didn't know what to do – he had Autism so they were at a loss. I had to change my work hours from 9-3 to 5am to 11am since I never knew how long Logan would last at school and then in March 2013 he got expelled – at the age of 12 -. Now I was dealing with all the old issues of my injuries, my parents health was getting worse, I had many meetings with the school over Logan, we were paying for Logan's ABA therapy which is $45.00 an hour and he was there for 9 hours a week, which we do not get any funding for, etc. and there was still Jared, work and Tim.

Every once in a while I would try to do Turbo Fire or Chalean but I never stayed with it either because of my injuries or my depression.
Last Christmas I was so down but I dug down deep really really deep and I decided I was going to start a web site dedicated to what we have gone through with Logan – the good and the bad – and I was going to have fundraiser's to help us raise the funds to have a stem cell treatment done on Logan. In creating the website, I realized how much we have gone through, how far Logan has come when the doctors gave us no hope, how far Jared has come with his disability and how I never gave up – no matter what.

I tried to do the dvd's again but I wasn't having much luck committing to them so I decided to go on Facebook and get Monica Gray to be my coach (Logan has a crush on her from the Turbo Fire dvd's he always sat and watched them when she was on). I always found her postings to be very motivational, she gets right down to the point.

So this brings me to today, July 15 2013, I am in a T25 Challenge and I plan on sticking to it. I have to do this for me to help me with all my stress. Day one - let's see how it goes.

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