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Arlington, VA
I am a 44 year old mom of 2 active kids in Arlington, VA. In 2007, being fit became a priority to me. With my full time job and kids, working out at home became the best option for me - not only is it an incredible time saver, but with the tools Beachbody has to offer, I can continue to stay fit and improve my overall fitness level in the comfort of my own home.

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I was always pretty active in growing up, even though my body type was more along the "husky" lines. I participated in sports up until high school, and then came college and the dreaded Freshman 15.  More ...
I was always pretty active in growing up, even though my body type was more along the "husky" lines. I participated in sports up until high school, and then came college and the dreaded Freshman 15. My primary exercise in college was running, but I didn't focus much on eating healthy.

After college when I started working, my blood pressure started to climb, so I started to exercise again to be able to control it without medication, which I have successfully maintained to this day.

I was at my lowest weight when I got married in 1997. I was going to the gym for 2 hours every day and loved working out.

When I got pregnant (and gained 50 pounds and had dangerously high cholesterol), I stopped exercising. Then a year later I had to have emergency back sugery due to herniated discs. I suffered severe nerve damage in my legs, so I didn't know how exercise would figure back into my needed weight loss routine. I started off doing pilates, but then as I got stronger, I got bored with that and wanted a more challenging workout.

Then Beachbody came along. Although I longed to be fit, I now realize I never fully committed to it. And I NEVER saw the kind of results I have seen with Slim in 6, ChaLEAN Extreme, P90x and Insanity. And being on Shakeology has also helped me lower my cholestrol SIGNIFICANTLY.

People ask me what is different about Beachbody. I tell them how effective the workouts are and how at 30 minutes I can fit them into my busy schedule doing them at home. Once I fit Slim in 6 into my routine, it was easy to make the decision to workout 6-7 days/week. I committed to it and I saw amazing results.

I encountered many challenges along the way. In fact, there were some days when I didn’t want to press play at all. I won’t tell anyone it was easy. If it were, how could it be so effective? When I began P90x I could not do a regular push-up. After a few weeks, I loved watching my progression and realizing the strength I was building. And after having 2 C-sections, I didn't think my body would ever be the same as it was before.

As I saw my initial results (dropping 10 lbs and 2 sizes) I became even more committed and the fun really began. I explored the Beachbody website and began to take advantage of the messages boards and WOWY. I started wanting to eat better and be healthy. I eventually built up the courage to try INSANITY - which has now become my favorite workout routine!

I am still on my way to being in the best shape of my life, but at 42, I owe it all to Beachbody and their inspirational trainers for changing my life!

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