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Hello everyone! My name is Patricia.

Since becoming a Beachbody Coach, my life has changed in so many awesome ways! I have met so many wonderful new people just like me wanting to stay fit and healthy, and enjoyed helping them as well.

Here is my story and how my life changed with Beachbody.

I have been very active with Beachbody products for approximately 7 years now. I have loved what
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Transformation story

Although I did do a little exercise in my teen years, there was never a thought-out plan to make exercise a regular routine. My eating habits were not always the best either. I was never really More ...
Although I did do a little exercise in my teen years, there was never a thought-out plan to make exercise a regular routine. My eating habits were not always the best either. I was never really overweight in the sense, but I ate without thinking of the consequences. Donuts and french fries were the norm for me. Then I had my first child when I was almost 20 and although I lost the weight pretty fast, it was not a healthy way of losing weight. I did some exercise but I was not eating healthy. A couple of years later I had my second child and found the weight was not as easy to lose this time. I felt I was “too busy” to take care of myself when I had to take care of 2 small children.

Then in 1985, my mother died of a fatal heart attack when she was just 48. The doctors informed us that her death was due to clogged arteries, an unhealthy lifestyle of diet and lack of exercise. I knew that someday that could be me. I soon found myself taking better care of myself and knew that this would have to be a lifelong commitment to make myself healthy in the long run.

Then in my 30’s I gave birth to another daughter, but because of having to raise 3 children and now working outside the home, I found it nearly impossible to go to the gym.

In 1990 my father had been diagnosed with Emphysema and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). This was brought on by years of smoking and not taking care of himself either. His last few years of life were a struggle for him. The disease had really taken its toll on him and he also died at an early age.

I came to realize how much my father and mother would miss watching my children, and their grandchildren grow. I didn’t want me or my children to be in that situation…I wanted to live a full and healthy life!

Then one evening in 2004 my life changed. I saw an infomercial on Debbie Siebers’ Slim in 6. This was kind of a wakeup call for me and it hit me. I was nearing the age my mother died many years ago and here I am at 42! I needed to really step things up and get serious! I also found a way without having to go to the gym to work out. I could do this at home, there were no more excuses!

I started to get up earlier in the morning before going to work and would work out. Immediately I was hooked. After I completed Slim in 6 I bought Turbo Jam because a good friend of mine at work suggested I try it. She said it was an excellent workout, and fun too. Well she was right! I fell in love with the workout, and this along my Slim in 6 workouts, I was starting to see some results.

I became very interested in the Beach Body site because of other workout DVD’s I saw and the fact that I could get a very good work out at home. I then purchased Tony Horton’s Power 90. Well of course I loved those workouts too, but then P90X came out and when I first saw the infomercial, I said to myself, “I have to get that!” I did, and really began to see how I could push myself in my 40’s a way that I had never thought I could do before.

For the last couple of months I have been working out with ChaLEAN Extreme and I LOVE IT! I am getting more and more fit each week. I can really feel it! Other people have noticed it too. I feel better than I have ever felt and I feel strongly that having the tools, the supplements, and the support I needed, has helped me to achieve my goals.

Two years ago I had my blood sugar checked since I have diabetes in my family and I was diagnosed as “borderline” diabetic. I just had my diabetes checked again this month and I have improved my health so much that I am no longer a threat to this depilating disease! My cholesterol levels are very good now too.

I still have some fitness goals I want to achieve like lowering my body fat percentage but I know I will get there with Beach Body products. I highly recommend Beachbody products to everyone I talk to. If there is ever any question on health or fitness, I encourage them to get on the Beachbody discussion board. There they can find many answers to their questions as I have found. I have even just recently become a Beachbody coach myself so that I can others to stay fit and healthy. There really is no other reward like this, to have the ability and the tools to help others live healthier lives.

Thank you Beachbody for helping me and many others to reach our fitness goals.

Patricia Lintner
Team Beachbody Coach

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Your current meal plan is: Balanced Slim Down at 1500 calories.
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Meal Replacement Shake
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