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Winchester, VA
I'm a 38 year old pharmacist and in the best shape of my life thanks to Beachbody. If I'm your Beachbody coach, please contact me with ANY questions.

I'm originally from western PA. I lived in OR for 5 years and moved to northern VA, June, '10. As for P90X, I was very skeptical at first, but I stuck with it. After 3 sessions (12/08 - 11/09,) I've come a very long way.
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My fitness goal: Build Muscle

Transformation story

I'm on day 59 as of today (02/12/09). I feel great, my clothes are fitting
better, I'm reaching new notches in my belt. I'm more agile. I just feel good
mentally and physically. P90X More ...
I'm on day 59 as of today (02/12/09). I feel great, my clothes are fitting
better, I'm reaching new notches in my belt. I'm more agile. I just feel good
mentally and physically. P90X has helped me stay focused on what's
important. I've stopped a lot of bad habits, including trips to the casino,
since I started. I plan on doing P90X+ when I'm done with the classic 90
Note: I got sick with a cold during week 8 of P90X, I had to rest for a week
until I was better, then picked up right where I left off.
Furthermore, P90X has allowed me to master a better diet. When I'm done
with this program, I plan on keeping the eating habits that I'm now in love
with. And I will cycle through P90X a few more times throughout the rest of
my life. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!

Update: (today is 03/16/09)
Well today was day 90 and I'm gonna start it over again tomorrow. I lost 2
inches on my waste, lost ~10 pounds, and went from 19% to 12% body fat. I
have to get surgery on my belly button. You can kinda tell. I have an
umbilical hernia. The surgery is April 3rd, so that gives me 3 weeks to get
even more ripped, LOL!! Then after I heal, I'm gonna get right back into it.
I'm thinking my being-in-shape will help with my recovery. My goal is to
dunk a basketball and run a 6 min mile. If I can do those 2 things, then I'll be
in awesome shape. I have no doubt I can do it. I just have to keep working
hard and never quit. The diet part is harder than the working out. It sucks
not to be able to eat what you want when you want. But I'm actually used to it
now. I think I could have improved a lot more had I had more discipline on
my diet and had I done more cardio. So this is proof that if you really want to
get into shape all you have to do is well, do it.
Oh, and I cheated on my diet when I visited my parents during week 7, I
couldn't resist my mom's food!! And then I got sick (a cold), had to stop for
about a week, and picked up again on week 8. I think those two things cut
into my results. I started on Dec. 2nd, ended today March 16th. That's
actually 105 days, I think I did an extra half week and was sick a week and a
half. Getting sick was frustrating. I hope I can inspire someone to try P90X,
it really works!!
And P90X+ is next on my list!!!! Can't wait!!!!

Update (04/01/09) I have surgery on my umbilical hernia 04/03. I'll be out
for 4-6 weeks until I heal, then it's back at it full steam. Pray for me.

UPDATE: 04/02/09
I have surgery tomorrow (04/03/09) to repair an umbilical hernia, so I have to stop working out for 4-6 weeks until I'm 100% healed. Then I'm going get right back into P90X at week 4. I'll be a little out of shape, but what can I do? I'll come back just fine, I'm not worried. Then when I'm done with my second session, I'm going to start a vertical leap program. As one of my goals is to dunk a basketball, I must do more Plyo and start a new program. I will come back to P90X+ at some point to continue/increase my fitness level. I came this far, 4 weeks off won't put a dent in my progress. I just have to keep my diet in check and continue to eat lots of protein. I'm getting confirmed with the Catholic Church on 04/11 so God is in my heart and my faith will get me through this. My faith in God allows me to accomplish my goals.

UPDATE 05/25/09:
Well, the doc gave me the go signal, so today is day 1 of P90X, again. I'm doing the classic again. (I'm putting the vertical leap thing on hold.) When I'm done with that, I'll try the plus program. Day 1 was really hard. I've been running a lot to keep my cardio in shape though. I lost a lot of muscle tone over the past 50 days but it will come back quickly. All of my stats are the same, except I weigh 179 with 12% body fat and my arms lost an inch. Well I plan on making this 90 days even better than the last. The last 90 days disciplined my life in so many ways. I just can't wait to see the discipline that comes out of my 2nd session. I thank God every living moment for everything in my life.

Joe E.

Update: 08/25/09
Ok, I finished my second session of P90X, I toned up a little, but not as much as I should. I think that has to do with my diet. I cheated a lot, especially on Sundays when they have donuts at church, I can't resist, but then I run a few miles later to burn it off. Sundays were my rest day btw. I never get enough sleep. I eat too many carbs before bed. I'm going to start P90X+ on 08/31/09 (my birthday!) I plan on getting 8 hours of sleep every night and eat nothing but pure protein before bed. I have to eat lighter dinners too. Diet is everything!! I'll keep posting my pics every 30 days. Looks aren't everything, but we must stay healthy for those we love and who love us. God bless you all and keep pushing play.

Update: (08/27/09) I ran a 5:52 mile today! My personal best is 5:47 (in 12th grade.)

Update: (08/31/09) Today is day 1 of my 3rd session of P90X. I'm going to do the + program.

Update: (10/05/09) I decided to do phase 3 of classic P90X for the rest of this session. The plus just isn't cutting it. I'm getting really lean, but my diet is struggling. I starve on a 2000 cal /day diet. I usually eat 2500-3000 per day. I run (3+ miles) on weekends for extra calorie burns.

Update: (12/6/09) Well, I'm living proof that diet is everything. I did every workout, every day during this 3rd session and I did not follow the diet as I should have. The result: Improved strength but I did not get any leaner.
So yesterday I became a coach, bought some shakeology and INSANITY. Yes! I'm beginning 2010 Insanely. Come join me!!

Update: (02/06/10) I'm on day 27 of Insanity and I've lost a good inch on my waist. I'm getting leaner and that ripped 6 pack is only 33 days away. That is if I can keep my diet in check. I'm having trouble with the nightly snacks. Granted they're healthy snacks, like cottage cheese & fruit, protein bar...I still should not be doing it. No eating 2 hours before bed! Very important. I'll post a 30 day pic next week.

Update: (03/14/10)
I just finished my last fit test.
Results, Days 1 - 63:
Switch Kicks: 125 - 133
Power Jacks: 50 - 58
Power Knees: 99 - 124
Power Jumps: 49 - 89
Globe Jumps: 11 - 14.75 (almost 15)
Suicide Jumps: 20 - 25
Push-up Jacks: 31 - 53
Low Plank Oblique: 65 - 126

What a journey Insanity was. My diet could have been better, but I always say that. Sleeping habits can be better too. Diet and sleep are so important to lose fat and gain muscle. I didn't make crazy gains like the infomercial claims, I blame that on my bad eating/sleeping habits.
I ate an average of 2450 calories a day, that includes a daily 300 calorie recovery drink.
I'm going to post a video of me sprinting a mile on youtube soon so check my youtube site search "coachpharmacistjoe."

More to come!

Update: (04/16/2010)
I'm doing a P90X/Insanity hybrid program. I'm finishing week 4. I'm skipping the recovery week, summit is in a couple weeks and I need to cram in as much as I can before then. Also, I'm moving across the country to VA in 7 weeks. I'm going to have to slow down my training and focus on the move more in late May. Insanity has changed me so much. I'm so much faster now. Insanity has made P90X easier too. I can't wait to see what I can do at the end of 2010. After all, my goal is to dunk a b-ball, I'm only 5'9" ya know. Stay tuned!

Update: (05/13/2010)
I'm moving from OR to VA this June. It's hard to keep on top of my exercise/diet while trying coordinate this big move. On top of that I have to get my pharmacist license in WV, I already secured the VA one, phew! So long story short, I have to focus on my move now and not the workouts. I will be back "in it" after I get settled in Winchester, VA (and a little in between.) Thanks!

Update: (06/27/2010)
I'm in VA and all is well! It's so nice to get that move out of the way. Now it's time to bring it! I want to increase my vertical leap, so I'm going to be doing a non-BB routine to obtain that goal. BB doesn't really offer a program to increase your vertical. They have plyo/Insanity, but to truly increase your vert, you have to bring it in a different way than they offer. Talk to me if you're interested.

Update: (07/14/2010)
I've been unable to "bring it" lately due to a left shoulder injury. I've been nursing some tendinitis for about 6 weeks now and it's not getting better. I'm finally seeking professional help because I can't lift any weights. I've been running, doing plyo/legs/abs, but I can't touch my upper body until this heals.

Update: (09/7/2010)
Still nursing shoulder injury. Now I hurt my hip running. Ugh! I can't exercise. My body is telling me to chill. I gotta heal. Time to find something new until I'm better.

Update: (12/15/2010)
Can you believe my shoulder is not better?! But I finally got a diagnosis, it's not really my shoulder, but it's there's inflammation at the AC joint where my bicep attaches. Well, now that I know exactly what's wrong, I'm off to the physical therapist for some advise. I'm still gonna bring it, just in a modified way. Merry Christmas!!!

Update: (01/09/2011)
Just finished Day 8 of Insanity. Okay, now I need get my diet right. I've slipped a little during the past week. I bought those new P90X protein bars, they're so good! DIET! DIET! DIET! Gotta eat right!!

Update: (3/22/11)
Okay, I finished Insanity a few weeks ago. I'm then got sick as soon as it was over. I lost 1.5" on my waist, a couple lbs, and got back into almost the best shape of my life. My shoulder injury is still nagging me, but I'll get through it. I plan on doing strictly stationary bicycle as soon as I'm well and abs every other day. Oh, and PT every day for my shoulder. Cheers!!

Update: (6/30/11)
Since my last update I've done some Insanity, did Asylum. Then June hit and I started getting ready for summit. I fell of my diet the first few weeks of June, went to summit, had fun, but came back with bronchitis. So I'm battling that right now and I'll be better soon. I'm going to do a round of P90X as soon as I'm better.

Update: (7/11/11)
P90X day 1

Update: (9/4/11)
P90X day 56 still going strong, haven't missed a workout. The diet is not where it should be. That's the hardest part!!! I really struggle with that. Having a hard time with this. It's my achilles heel. That and getting enough sleep. I feel really good though. I let myself go this summer, getting trimmer.

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