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Hi my name is Phyllis.

I won $50,000 in the Grand Prize Giveaway March 2008! I was the overall winner in the 50+ age catagory.

I would LOVE to help you reach your fitness goals. I have proven that we can do this at ANY age.

Thank you so much for visiting my webpage.
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My fitness goal: Increase Energy

Transformation story

It is so hard for me to put into words the way I feel about myself these days. Healthy, strong, proud, and happy can start to sum it up. My life has changed so much since I first found Power90 almost More ...
It is so hard for me to put into words the way I feel about myself these days. Healthy, strong, proud, and happy can start to sum it up. My life has changed so much since I first found Power90 almost 5 years ago.

When my doctor told me I was severely obese I knew I had to take control of my life. I wondered how in the world I got this way. I wasn’t one to sit around with a bag of chips or cookies in my hand. So how did I get this over weight?

Tony told us that we need to start a food journal, and log everything that we eat. I soon saw WHY I was severely obese! I just didn’t realize until I started reading food labels and logging my food just how much I was getting each day. Add that up with zero exercise and I got my answer.

Sadly, my mother had her first heart attack when she was 42; I eventually lost her to heart disease when she was only 68. I had been a smoker of 30 plus years and quit in 2002. My family was growing and I was blessed with beautiful grandkids. I wanted to be healthy so I could live to see them grow and be a big part of their lives.

I have a love for the outdoors. I loved to camp but hated to put on a bathing suit. I would wear a size XXL t-shirt to help cover my body. The kids and I would go hiking and I always felt bad because they would get way ahead of me and then have to wait for me to catch up. By the time I caught up with them they were ready to go again, but I needed to rest! I had no energy. I hated that I couldn’t do the things that I loved.

I started my journey with Power90 then Power Half Hour, and Turbo Jam. I lost a total of 74 pounds. Into my first year of working out I injured my foot. I had developed a bad case of Plantar Fasciitis. It took 1 year of trying different treatments before I got over it. I didn’t let it stop me on my mission to lose weight though, I modified my workouts and even worked out with a cast on my leg.

Since winning the contest I have completed a round of P90X. I bought the pull-up bar and Tony’s push-up stands. I have also completed a round of the Master Series and then did my own hybrid mix of the new awesome 10 minute trainer, the X, Master Series, Turbo Jam and Hip Hop Abs. I recently received the XPlus and I love the intensity of the workouts!

I have lost an additional 4 pounds and have replaced fat with muscle. I have more muscle definition in my arms and chest. My body is so much stronger now. I see the results when I am hiking, not only in my muscles being stronger, but my heart and lungs as well.

I take Tony’s advice and eat lean proteins, veggies, fruits and whole grains. My supplements include Activit, Performance Formula, Core Omega 3, the Recovery drink and the delicious Chocolate Protein Powder that I have every morning for breakfast.

I haven’t had to travel on this journey alone thanks to Beachbody. I have the message boards and WOWY friends to help me along the way. I have had the opportunity to visit many places with them. We have gone to Mexico twice, white water rafting in Colorado and spent time in Las Vegas. Thanks to them I am seeing the world! My life is fun and adventurous now!

There are probably thousands of workout videos out there but there is only one “Beachbody Company” who provides us with an online support group that is second to none! I have no doubt that without my friends to support me I would not have a story to give. I would still be overweight and I would not be given this second chance at life. I AM living it to the fullest and loving every minute of it!! I thank God everyday for letting me see that infomercial 5 years ago. Losing weight not only gave me my health back; it also gave me happiness!

I am loving life so much. It’s so wonderful to have this much confidence in myself. I just want to go out and celebrate and dance with my friends!

I am very proud of what I have accomplished. Losing 77 pounds was hard, but maintaining it was even harder! My goal is to continue with Beachbody and to pay it forward.

I Decided, I Committed, and I HAVE SUCCEEDED!

Meal plan:
Your current meal plan is: Balanced Slim Down at 1900 calories.
Workout programs:
ChaLEAN Extreme®
10-Minute Trainer®
P90X One on One®
Slim in 6®
P90X Chin-Up Bar
Heart Rate Monitor
Push-Up Stands
Resistance Bands
ActiVit® Multi-Vitamins
Meal Replacement Shake
Joint Support Super Formula
Beachbody Ultimate Reset™
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