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Oakland, CA
A desk-junkie in Oakland, working towards better, more well-rounded fitness, toning, and well-being. I spend a lot of time at work (~10-14 hrs/day) which is murder on not only my muscles but also my mind. Trying to hold myself accountable and transform that situation into something better. OH! And I'm getting married next August. So, tick-tock!
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I was a fat teenager. At 220lbs on a 5' 7" frame, I never really wanted to do much of anything active, and I didn't like how I looked at all. In college, I resolved to make a change and went on a More ...
I was a fat teenager. At 220lbs on a 5' 7" frame, I never really wanted to do much of anything active, and I didn't like how I looked at all. In college, I resolved to make a change and went on a very restrictive diet along with strict exercise. I lost the weight, but at a cost: I came away anorexic, with a body that looked like a deflated tire.

After getting into a recovery program and getting my relationship with food more normal, I was afraid to participate in any sort of organized exercise. My fear was that it would trigger my competitive nature, and I'd relapse. That is, until September 2012, when I was chatting with my friend (and now coach) Kelly about a program she was doing called ChaLean Extreme. Kelly explained to me that the focus of the program was more on strength training and building muscle, than it was on the more explosive cardio routines that I'd done in past. She also was so positive about her experience with Chalean as a leader - she described it as very encouraging, supportive, and above all fun.

Tired of feeling tired and intrigued by the idea of getting stronger/more toned, I decided to take the plunge. I got the Chalean Extreme program along with the 30 trial of Shakeology, and started both. I joined two support groups through Facebook (Team Pure Athlete and TPA Back to School Challenge) to be able to ask questions of others doing what I was doing, and to get support. Not only that, I made sure I was accountable by telling people at work I was doing this. It was huge on two levels - I hadn't been eating breakfast for months, so I was already improving my nutrition, but also, I was active every single day. As a person who works a desk job, that was something of a miracle.

In the first 30 days, I was amazed first by how weak I was, and then by how motivated I was to push to get stronger. In the second 30 days, I managed to double the weights I was using from the first week to the fourth week - I actually got up to 25 pounds per side on some exercises! The third 30 days was the hardest for me - it came over the holidays, and on top of that, I got sick the last week of the challenge. But throughout the whole thing, I managed to stick to it. I didn't skip a single workout - not one. Did I move them around in order to accommodate travel or conflicts? Yes. But each week, all five workout days happened, by hook or by crook.

My body transformation has been subtle, but significant. My skin is still loose in places where I'd been big, but much less so (especially my arms and my abdomen). My muscle tone is more defined, and I've managed to keep my weight the same (which I'm thrilled with, because it's meant I haven't had triggering episodes on the scale!!). But I think the other huge change in me is less physical, and more mental. My attitude has changed. Its not okay by me to just sit around anymore. I want more out of my day. I like feeling strong, and I like being able to see the results of being strong. Heck, I'm going to have to go get new golf clubs because the women's clubs I have now are too flexible for my stronger swing! I really appreciate this new clarity that I've been able to achieve through Chalean Extreme and my supporters. I'm not going to let this go - I'm already thinking about what's next, and how I can push myself to continue to be strong, happy and healthy.

Workout programs:
P90X® - primary program
ChaLEAN Extreme®
Cardio / Aerobics
Yoga / Pilates
Golf (Walking; Carrying clubs)
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And so far, no skips.  Of course, the week starts Monday, and Tuesday is an 'off-day', so, I can't say its a HUGE accomplishment, but it says something that I've stuck with it for two+ More ...
So happy to come back to the burn circuits.  After the really depressing showing yesterday, it felt so good to do something that was a challenge but didn't make me feel like I was an elephant in More ...
So woke up extra early this morning, to make sure I'd have time for the 45 minute intervals and 10 minute abs program on tap for Day 3.  The achiness from yesterday was still there, but not as More ...
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