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Bakersfield, CA
Hello-Please a moment to read through my info. BeachBody has truly changed my life. My photos on this page are my 90 day results! If you want to see current photos, go to and please put a note with the friend request so I know you're a BeachBody client.
Thank You, Mike

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I grew up with five brothers and sisters who are 10-16 years
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In just 90 days, I changed the course of my life. I’m shocked when I look back at how far things were out of control. I had no idea how unhealthy my life had become. In just a year, I went from More ...
In just 90 days, I changed the course of my life. I’m shocked when I look back at how far things were out of control. I had no idea how unhealthy my life had become. In just a year, I went from being one of the top producers in real estate, an active husband and father, to looking at bankruptcy, finding myself in the worst physical shape of my life, and overwhelmed with stress. My marriage was suffering, my health, our finances. I had a terrible snoring problem that kept me out of my own bedroom. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I had to sell out of my business that I spent three years building. I was gaining weight, in denial about it, and eating horrendously. I couldn’t wear ties to work any more because my collars couldn’t button. My suits were tearing at the seams. Before P90X, I wasn’t dying but I sure wasn’t living.

Growing up, I was an athlete. After a break due to injuries, I was active again, but not close to the level I was before. Then came more than a year of injuries and surgeries as, ironically, I was hurt in the gym, lifting too heavy. I repeatedly tore my abdomen in a total of 13 places. These injuries stole my confidence to push myself physically, so fitness evaded me. Maybe I evaded fitness? Either way, I was honing my movie watching skills to perfection as I had all the excuses I wanted to not work out! Then came Beachbody and P90X.

My transformation is unbelievable! 90 Days! It’s not just physical, although I look the best I have ever looked! I tuck in my shirt nearly every day. My waist was close to 40” and now my 32” jeans are loose! Since P90X, I’ve had friends & neighbors ask me what I’m doing and it comes up daily everywhere I go. I have 25% of the Bakersfield Fire Department doing P90X and I’m onto law enforcement next. As their bodies become stronger and they are better able to perform their duties, who knows how many lives will literally be saved by P90X. I am changing lives by sharing my journey and that is what it’s all about. People should know that I was scared about my injuries. I’ve hurt my knees, torn my abdomen, had concussions, pulled muscles, and it’s as if that never happened. My blood pressure is normal, I quit snoring after just the first week and returned to bed with my wife. Our relationship has been strengthened in so many ways.

The other aspect of this is healthy body-healthy mind. I overcame many mental health issues in my journey; denial of my condition, a sedentary life style, my cravings for Pepsi and fast food, fear of injury, and wrecked self-esteem from the consequences of a crumbling economy. In many respects, 2008 was a horrible year; conversely, 2008 was the year I got in the best shape of my life! I FEEL AWESOME, like I was reborn. Our home was foreclosed on the very day I won the MDB. One door closes, another one opens. Getting fit and healthy didn’t make all of my problems go away, but it gave me the confidence and energy to deal with them and get started in a new direction. I don’t know how else I would have survived 2008.

I didn’t do this alone. If it weren’t for my wife, I wouldn’t be writing to you today. Kelley is the glue that held it together. She taught me that eating clean could taste great and be easy to do with help from tools like the Customized Meal Plan from the Club membership. The message boards saved her from quitting on day 45. That would have been a dark day, but instead, she got the support and camaraderie she needed and stuck with it, getting amazing results. Realistically, if she would have quit, I would have too.

Currently, I’m doing P90X and Tony Horton’s One on One’s. Since I won, I broke my personal best and hit 27 reverse grip pull ups. Additionally, I ride my bike with the kids in the trailer, run, play with my kids more, rollerblade, hike, mountain bike, ski, snowboard and volunteer at preschools to get the kids more active.

After winning the MBD game a few weeks ago, I have been on such a high. I’m eating cleaner than ever, my workouts are going great, and I have new fitness goals in sight.
There haven’t really been any obstacles. I don’t believe in obstacles anymore. Challenges, yes. Obstacles, no. As my father, a former Marine, taught me: Improvise, Adapt and Overcome. There will always be daily challenges like finding the time or motivation to get the workout in, but I’ve learned how important it is to exercise and eat clean, and I always will. My life depends on it.

Thank You BeachBody!!!

Meal plan:
Your current meal plan is: Balanced Slim Down at 2700 calories with 100 added calories.
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P90X One on One®
Tony & the Kids!
P90X Chin-Up Bar
Heart Rate Monitor
Resistance Bands
Weighted Gloves
Whey Protein Powder
Joint Support Super Formula
P90X® Peak Health Formula
Super Suma
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