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Malibu, CA
After my first round of P90X I fell in love with Team Beachbody and am now committed to helping people achieve their dreams and live happier, better and more fulfilling lives!

Make me your Coach and let's get started on that dream of yours today!

My name is Ryan Walczuk, I am 23 years old, I live in Malibu, CA, I am a P90X grad, I have a BS in Integrated Marketing Communications from San
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My fitness goal: Tone Up

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I want to go from 11.6% body fat to 5% More ...
I want to go from 11.6% body fat to 5%

Workout programs:
P90X® - primary program
10-Minute Trainer®
Rockin' Body®
Hip Hop Abs®
Whey Protein Powder
P90X® Peak Health Formula
P90X Protein Bars
P90X® Peak Results and Recovery Formula
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Round 1 - 1/07/13 No entries Round 2 - 4/29/13 Week 1 - Skipped Week 2 - Absolutely PHENOMINAL Kenp Sesh today! I have trult fallen back in love with this workout. I reved up the More ...
Round 1 - 1/07/13 Week 1 - Just finished up week 1 Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X and I gotta say... NOT AS BAD AS I THOUGHT IT WAS GUNNA BE! I was really presently suprised with my pull-up More ...
Round 1  - 1/07/2013 Week 1 -  Didn't get to pop the tape in until 7:45 or so today... not ideal timing, especially after dinner, but oh well I am determined not to miss a day! Had a More ...
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