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Troy, MI
Hi, I am a 40 year old father of two. I have always been active by playing every sport there is. Well, in the past 5 years I have really let my weight and body slip and find that I can not perform anymore at the level I would like. Hence, I do not play many sports anymore. I want to get my body back and be able to play sports not only for myself, but with my kids! I also need to do this for
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8/30/04 I started P90 on 8/2/04 after trying many other diet/exercise plans and failing time and time again. I was up late one night and was sitting in my lazy-boy channel surfing with some potato More ...
8/30/04 I started P90 on 8/2/04 after trying many other diet/exercise plans and failing time and time again. I was up late one night and was sitting in my lazy-boy channel surfing with some potato chips and dip in hand. I had a golf outing that day where I drank like a fish and ate like a pig. Why I was eating chips and dip at that moment I have no idea. Just was the thing I was "USED" to doing.....Well, it was at this time I saw an informercial for Power 90. Usually I just keep flipping past informercials, but something was different about this one. I sensed that these people's stories were true by the emotion they showed. And the results were absolutely amazing. The more I watched it the more I thought that this is something I could do!! It didn't seem overly difficult exercise wise or diet wise. It was the more common sense approach to losing weight, rather than diet pills or starving yourself to death! It is taking the approach of changing your lifestyle rather than some quick fixes!! Well, proud to say that I have lost 10 lbs in just over 3 weeks and my clothes are feeling much more comfortable! Stay tuned for my results as I reach day 30/60/90 and beyond. Thank you Tony and Beachbody!!
11/24/04- Ok I am now on my 2nd week of PHH and really enjoying it! I was getting a little bored and reaching a plateau it seemed with P90. I have lost 3 pounds so far on PHH and feel like its a nice variety of workouts!!! Thanks again Tony for making some great videos to workout too!
1/06/05 UPDATE!!! I have started Round II of P90 and am very excited to double up my first round results! I did enjoy PHH, but due to injuries and the holidays my weight/measurements remained constant. (Which is not all that bad of a thing!) So, i am starting this round with my day 90 stats pretty much. Hopefully, this round will get me ready for the X, which I would like to do in spring 2005, so that my body is in tip top shape this summer!! I haven't paraded outside w/out a shirt in 5 or 6 years!! I know I will be this summer!
4/13/05 I will be finishing up SI6 in another week and I have lost 10 pounds and 8" so far this round. Debbie really burns the fat!!! In May I plan on doing PHH and Great body guaranteed workouts with Traci's *. Then, I am going to get in on the summer sizzle of defining the abs!! Not sure what my workout plan will be...stay tuned!
9/1/05- Starting the lean version of the X on September 12th!! I will come back and post my results when done! :) I lost 20 pounds and 4% bf while doing the X.
5/1/06- Well, I just did day 1 of Power 90. I am doing a full round of Power 90 this summer along with many other sporting activities. Softball, golf, soccer, etc... I'm looking to drop 4-5% bf and hopefully lose around 20 pounds.
7/26/06- In one more week I will have been doing bb workouts for 2 years! To date I have lost over 60 pounds and 7% body fat. I am so thrilled I found Power 90 and beachbody. I really don't know what I would be right now if I hadn't (very scary thought!). It hasn't been the easiest 2 years, its been alot of hard work to exercise daily and eat correctly. There have been a few up and downs as well, but I generally correct the downs within a week, where before I would go months on binges!!! The last few weeks have been a down time due to a torn hamstring. Its very frustrating not being able to bring it 100% when you are used to doing so. I've managed to do what i can though and have been eating clean so i'm able to maintain where I am right now. I weigh 205 right now and my goal is to get to 185 by the end of the year. I'm hoping to do this by burning fat and adding muscle. I like my body size wise right now with exception to my abs. So hopefully I can burn the fat off of the abs and show some more muscle there. :) 5 more months left in 2006, so 4 pounds to lose each month to reach that goal. I think I can do it. Hopefully, in a couple more weeks I will be able to workout a little more strenuous with this hamstring.
Just finished up my second round of P90X at beginning of april I lost 10 pounds and 8" in this round as I continue my journey to a lean and mean body! I had a great round with a wonderful group of people called "Agent X'ers". Talk about a motivating group!!
Sept 2008 UPDATE - Wow, I've let myself slide back in the past year and it is very frustrating to see where I am phycially right now. I've put on 30 pounds! UGH. Not sure why I let this happen, but I did. The only thing I can do now is to work on taking it back off. I started a round of P90X on Sept 2nd. I'm hoping to get back under 200 before the Holidays...
2/2009 - Have had a shoulder injury for over 2 months. Doctors still trying to figure out what it is. In the mean time trying to run and eat healthy. Hoping to drop some fat and then worry about building muscle once shoulder is fixed..
10/10 - I ended up needing shoulder surgery and had that in March of 2009. Took a good 6 months of rehab before I could start working out again, so in Jan 2010 I started Power 90 again and had great success for 3 months. Sadly, I went back to my old habits the rest of the year so I'm back at square one. Going to get back on the horse the last 2 months of 2010 and hopefully be ready for P90X to start 2011!
11/2012- Back to square one as far as where I am health wise. Not happy about it, but it is what it is. I'm ready to do something about it and start dropping these lbs 1 pound at a time! I am doing P90, GBG and some other basic programs right now. Then hopefully I can try Asylum beginning in Jan 2013!

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