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Stockton, CA
My name is Theresa Martinez-Shapiro. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to Stockton, CA in 2004 where I currently reside. For as long as I
can remember I was told that fitness is an essential part of living a healthy
lifestyle. When I was a kid I was very active. I used to do a lot of roller
skating however, that was cut short when I was going down a large
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We all have a story or many stories to tell. I have had many transformations. My current one started on November 18, 2008 when I made a pretty big decision. The decision was to get into
shape More ...
We all have a story or many stories to tell. I have had many transformations. My current one started on November 18, 2008 when I made a pretty big decision. The decision was to get into
shape and take the necessary steps to be in complete balance. I walked into Fitness Together (now Evolution Fitness) in Stockton and met with our friend Eric Johnson. I went over my health frustrations, explained my goals that I would like to reach and some challenges that I have had in the past. Eric and I began working together each week to get me reconnected with my
nervous system by doing a series of mobility drills called Z-Drills. The drills are designed to make sure I am moving properly in the
activities that I do. I have been doing them daily, each chance I get, and do
notice the improvements.

I have said in my bio that I am thin but soft. Eric gave me a pretty unique
diet to try. I thought it was going to be so hard. The diet is designed to
bring your body back to basics. There is no bread, dairy, starchy carbs,
certain proteins - soy, red meat, sugar, alcohol, predatory fish, corn etc. It is
all fruits, vegs, nuts, whole grain oats, greens, lean white meats, brown rice,
egg whites, beans, Quinoa, tea, black coffee - just to name a few. The diet is done for 21 days. I made the huge sacrifice and started the day after Thanksgiving, which to some was just crazy.

As of 12-16-08 it has been 4wks since I first walked into Fitness Together, got measured and began my in-shape journey. I discovered for years I was not dieting correctly. I started my cleansing diet the day after Thanksgiving and cannot believe what it has done for my body. I had marked the 21 days for the diet on my calendar and am almost done. In 19 days I have lost 2in. off my waist alone. I have continued to do the videos and am getting prepared for the next step which is to start putting on the muscle. I have noticed a huge change in how I feel, how my clothes fit - loose, so it is working. I like it so much that I may make most of it part of my eating lifestyle.

At a little more than my 60th day, I am leaner and am working hard to put on lean muscle mass. If you look at my stats, I have lost inches throughout and feel
so much better. I love seeing the changes as a result of my efforts. I was so
amazed when my body fat showed up at 16%. I continue to see it going down. My husband is impressed. I look forward to where my efforts will take me.

On 1-29-09 I went to my training session with Eric Johnson. In a month I
have put on two pounds of lean muscle and lost a pound of fat. What an
As you can see as of 2-16-09 my "after" picture has been put on my page. This is a huge thing for me. My friends and family are amazed to see me in a bikini. Prior to 2006, it had been 7 yrs since I had put a bathing suit on and was not about to put on a bikini. I was not happy with my body and was disappointed every time I would try on any swimwear. It was in Feb. of 2006 that I started my kickboxing classes, resistance training and so many more. One day, before I knew it, I looked and felt so good that I decided to try on a bikini for a pool party. I was so happy, so shocked, that I bought that bikini and proudly wore it to the party. My kickboxing instructor was so proud of my accomplishments.

We all know that unexpected things happen in life. In Aug. of 2006 my office manager passed away from a heart attack. I was forced to work more hours; therefore, I was not able to make it to class. Currently now 2009, it is going on three years since I have been in the gym. Over the last 2 years my weight grew again. I became discouraged and disappointed, and had not put on a bathing suit. November 2008 was the time I decided to make the change. I said “2009 is going to be different”. I started my fitness journey once again. Now a few months later, here I am in great shape and as you can see wearing a bikini once again.

Anybody can fall off track every now and then. Once the decision is made to make a difference and reach for a goal; you will find that anything is possible. With hard work and dedication, it can be done. I have seen it for myself many times. Keep up the good work and check back as my story continues.

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It is going on 2 years since I first joined Team Beachbody.  I have to say it is still one of the best decisions I have made.  I have been and am still in the best shape of my life thanks More ...
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