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My name is Daniel Martinez and I'm 30 years old, I recently did P90X in January 2011. I’d been seeing the infomercial for years, and I always wanted to do it! I’ve never exercised in my life, never More ...
My name is Daniel Martinez and I'm 30 years old, I recently did P90X in January 2011. I’d been seeing the infomercial for years, and I always wanted to do it! I’ve never exercised in my life, never been to the gym or had a gym membership. I’ve been pretty lazy for most of my life, and I have always been a video game junky--ever since I lived in Mexico. When I was 10 years old, my parents went through a rough patch. Me and my dad ended up moving to LA (he had a job waiting for him there), my mom followed him shorty after to try and work things out but they ended up getting divorced. My dad went back to Mexico.
By the time I was 12 my mom was pretty much on her own with me and my sister. She was working constantly and life was difficult. We moved around a lot and I didn’t have much stability when it came to school or discipline. I went back to mexico for a while to live with my dad. When I came back to LA (i was about 15) my mom had met her soon-to-be husband. Things were starting to look up, but even then they were still struggling, living in a small 1-bedroom apartment, so I stayed with friends. My diet was horrible, my schedule was horrible—if I ever woke up and the clock had to word AM I would go back to sleep, getting up before noon was an accomplishment. I played video games all day, ate only fast food (once or or twice a day, if I could afford it). I never had a family structure growing up. Sitting down to dinner was something that T.V. families did. Things started to look up when my mom and step dad bought a condo, I finally had my own room! But the habits had already set in, I ate mainly fast food.
My whole life I was about 140lb, but at 21 I got married and started gaining weight slowly. I continued the unhealthy food and schedule habits (one time I played Xbox for 36 hours straight!). By 25 I was all grown up. My wife and I moved into a place of our own and we had a son. At this point I really started going downhill, I would never go out I would just sit on my computer ALL day playing video games or working on some computer. My wife would make mac n’ cheese every other day and I would still eat fast food. I was eating more unhealthy food than before! I got up to 190lb at one point!
After I got divorced, I went back to my old unhealthy eating habits and lost about 30lb, and I still had the same bad sleep schedule and still had no energy! I put my son in school right before he turned 5 but my sleep schedule was so bad that I couldn't wake up to take him to school on time so my mom would take him for me, yikes! I was never very active with my son because I had no energy; it was really hard for me to do anything with him. When my son would ask me to take him to the park to go play I ether wouldn't or I would but I wouldn't play with him. I kept falling back into worse and worse habits and I finally just got sick of it.
I turned 30 in Dec 2010. I saw my life going downhill and I wasn't about to let my son’s life pass me by. I didn’t want to do what my dad did and not be there for his child, so my new year’s resolution was to get in shape, get on a good diet, and wake up early in the morning! I knew I had a long and hard road ahead but I was very determined to make a real change. This is when I remembered all those times I saw the P90X infomercial and it clicked, I NEED TO DO P90X!!!! It changed my life, I'm still me, I still have my problems but, I'm in shape, I have energy, I cook my food every day, I go out on bike rides with my son, I take him to the park and like playing with him, I wake up at 8am most days! I'm 30 and I am in the best shape of my life, and I feel great! I wish I had done P90X when I first saw the infomercial! Thanks P90X for helping me overcome barriers that seemed nearly impossible to beat.

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