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Miami lakes, FL
Hi! My name Tiffany Long. I became a coach for Beach Body because I love working out and being in shape. I love to help other people and motivate them to improving not only their health but their whole life.

Here is my story... I've always been skinny, too skinny. Working out helps me to gain GOOD weight and be healthier. But as I've been getting older I've noticed a small problem
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I recently had my thyroid removed back in May. I had been hyperactive before my surgery and started to get a lump. Prior to surgery I hadn't noticed any problems except I had a lump in my throat. More ...
Just finished a Turbo Fire workout with my sister Jill. Man it was a workout! I was definitely sweating at the end of it! Some parts were a little confusing because I don't know the routine. But it More ...
I am so excited to announce that last night my sister just became a Coach! She is doing Turbo Fire and loves it. She was going to a Boot Camp before but its very expensive. Turbo Fire works well for More ...
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