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“This is a family business.”

Katie and Chad Graue are all about family. But a few years ago, they found themselves working nighttime, holiday time, and all-around overtime. There was no time left! With Beachbody Coaching, these loving parents were able to take back their days and put their family front and center.


A Financial Peace of Mind

Shannon Golladay was tired of her mental and financial health being determined by the status of her husband’s jobs. But now she’s paying off debt, working from home, and finding her sense of financial security all because she’s running her own Beachbody Coaching business.


Off State Aid and On to Excellence

Mindy Wender struggled to financially support her family when her husband was laid off from his job. Discover how she was able to get her family off state aid and triple her income in just 8 months with Beachbody Coaching!


Climbing Out of Her Depression

After her divorce, Mary Curtin wasn’t sure how she’d ever survive being a single mom of two, young children. With the Beachbody Coaching opportunity, Mary was able to build a successful business—becoming the financially and emotionally supportive mother she always dreamed of being.


Tapping the Latino Market

After Rosario Armenta moved from Mexico to work as a personal trainer in Canada, she realized her business potential was untapped—there was a huge, international Latino market she couldn’t reach through just her gym! Learn how that all changed when she discovered Beachbody Coaching.


A Very Special Dad Supporting His Special Needs Son

After Keith Wilson discovered he and his wife couldn’t afford to send their special needs son to private school, he knew it was time to build a business that offered a much greater income potential. Thanks to the Beachbody Coaching opportunity, Keith is now the bread-winning champion he’s always dreamed of being.


Conquering a Recession

Vanessa was a stay-at-home mom with the world at her fingertips. Until the 2008 recession hit. Learn how this fitness diva went from welfare to well-off with the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity!


Meet Mr. Muscle Beach

When Nick Husin discovered Power 90, that was the start of his journey from scrawny to brawny. Now helping others get the bulging biceps and sculpted abs they desire, Nick has made a profitable business helping others get physically and financially yolked!


Knocking Her Business Out of the Ballpark

When Sarah Gaub’s husband decided to retire early from Major League Baseball, she thought they were in for a financially rocky ride. Now a successful Beachbody Coach, Sara’s not only supporting her husband as he goes back to school, but she’s saving money for their future, as well.