New Coach Highlight articles


New Coach Highlight: Alexandra Reidmiller

Alexandra Reidmiller is a school nurse who found herself falling behind on her bills during the summer. She wanted a financial cushion and the ability to afford vacations, birthday parties, and other activities for her family. Now, as a Coach, she’s doing just that!


New Coach Highlight: Melissa Zimmermann

Melissa Zimmermann was looking to supplement her income while maintaining a flexible schedule for her family. Now a Beachbody Coach, she’s able to provide lots of new opportunities for her children.


New Coach Highlight: Mélissa Hart

Mélissa Hart was on maternity leave when she signed up as a Coach. She liked the idea that she could earn some extra income while helping others get fit. Four months later, Mélissa has been able to replace her full-time job with her new Coaching business.


New Coach Highlight: Falon Bonner

Falon Bonner was tired of the limited earning potential of her work as a personal trainer. Since becoming Team Beachbody Coach, she’s been able to reach a larger and broader consumer base while building up her fitness business.


New Coach Highlight: Stephanie Montessi

Stephanie Montessi already earns a great living with her full-time job in HR, but knowing she could potentially replace her income by working a Beachbody business from home was an opportunity to good to pass up!


New Coach Highlight: Linzie Payne

After loaning a large sum of money to help out a close friend, Linzie Payne lost her job. Un-repaid and unemployed, Linzie started spiraling toward financial devastation—until she discovered the Team Beachbody opportunity.

Photo Credit: Krystel Beaulieu

New Coach Highlight: Melissa Pothier

Melissa Pothier was only making about half her salary while she was on maternity leave. But three months after becoming a Coach, she was able to bring in the extra income she needed to help support her family—all while being able to stay home with her newborn.


New Coach Highlight: Karine Germain

Karine Germain turned Coaching into a viable business in almost no time—matching her teacher’s salary in a matter of months! Now, Karine is able to take a break from her teaching career and spend her days at home with her kids.


New Coach Highlight: Lindsay Martin

Is it too much to ask to see your kids off to school and be there for them when they get home? Lindsay Martin didn’t think so. That’s why she jumped into the Coaching opportunity and hasn’t looked back since.