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Never Giving Up

Never Giving Up

As a new mother, Coach Amy Hughes was ready to begin a new chapter in her life until tragedy struck her young family. Determined to find success, watch how Coach Amy Hughes rebuilt her life and gained a new sense of purpose, drive, and opportunity for her and her daughter Neveah.


Beachbody Coach, MD

Long night shifts in the emergency room left Doctor Stephanie Burgos unable to continue a healthy lifestyle as she struggled with her weight. Discover how Stephanie took control of her health without sacrificing her lifelong dream of being a doctor.


All is Fair in Love and Beachbody

Chelsea and Robb Pearson both changed their lives using Beachbody products before meeting each other, falling in love, and making it their mission to help others get healthy and fit through the Coaching opportunity.


Off State Aid and On to Excellence

Mindy Wender struggled to financially support her family when her husband was laid off from his job. Discover how she was able to get her family off state aid and triple her income in just 8 months with Beachbody Coaching!


From Pint to Leader

Trevor Kucheran shares the darkest moments of his life and how Team Beachbody helped him get back on his feet after overcoming his food and alcohol addictions.


From Sinking Debt to Sales Diva

Find out how Krystal Bland overcame living in section-8 government housing, having $30,000 in credit card debt, and a failed marriage to excel as a Beachbody Coach.


The Fight of Her Life

When middle school teacher Katy Ursta extended her maternity leave, she knew she would lose her health care benefits. But she didn’t know that she’d be diagnosed with cancer. Find out how this Beachbody Coach pulled through this difficult time in her life while building her business.