Driven by Her ‘Why’


The Amber Bailey Story

I used to be a teacher—a passionate one, at that.

I even completed my master’s degree while I was pregnant with my first child hoping to advance my career. But the second I laid eyes on my baby boy, my desire to be a mom overwhelmed my desire to be a teacher. With that, I stayed home for three and a half years, during which time our second son was born.

But things had started falling apart. Our marriage was failing miserably, and our finances were a wreck. I was at a loss on how to cope, and I devolved into a frail, fearful, hopeless version of myself. I had no appetite and had lost all sense of how to take care of my own wellbeing.

I discovered Beachbody when I turned to a friend who was a Coach for help. I started with ChaLEAN Extreme and Shakeology and immediately began seeing changes both inside and out. I looked healthier, I felt healthier, and I learned that taking care of yourself is a critical part of taking care of your family. I wanted to shared what I had learned with other moms, so I signed up as a Coach.

Around this time, I had to return to teaching to help out with the finances. Our credit cards were all maxed out, and we were living week-to-week—selling off anything we could to stay afloat. It was a hard pill for me to swallow when I had to return to work. As much as I loved teaching, my heart was at home. After the school year started, it wasn’t long before the devastation of leaving my children every morning began taking its toll.

I decided to make a change.

Determined to turn my Coaching business into a full-time job, I stayed laser focused on my goal—nothing was going to keep me away from being home with my children. I used the time I had and refused to complain about the time I didn’t have. I made my phone calls in the car, and did whatever I could whenever I could to get my business up and running.

And you know what? After less than one year (one year!) of really working hard on my business with very part-time hours, I was able to quit my job and stay home with my boys! Looking back, that year seemed like an eternity, but every bit of sacrifice has been worth the reward of seeing my two boys every morning, taking them to school, picking them up, being home when they are sick, and taking days to go do fun stuff just because we can. It’s fun being your own boss

On top of that, I make more money now than I ever would have as an educator. I’m actually on track to join the Millionaire’s Club by the end of the year—that blows me away! It’s hard to believe that this is my life.

We have now moved into our “forever” home in the country, something that seemed like an impossibility just a couple of years ago. This year, we are 100% free from credit card debt, and I have paid off all 5 student loans—that’s freedom! We are able to pay all bills while giving to our church in a way that had never been possible before. This past summer, we paid for a family trip to the beach for a week—something we would not have been able to do just two years prior. Our world has done a complete 180 because of what this business has done for our family. Our family has been restored, and our marriage has been made stronger.

Thanks to Beachbody, I know how to take care of me so that I can be the mom, wife, and business owner I feel called to be. When you change a mom, you change a family.

My goal is to help as many women as possible realize their potential and empower them to take action to grow into the person they were created to be. To anyone considering Coaching, the risk is small and the reward is great. Stop worrying so much about “how.” Replace fear and procrastination with action and stay focused on your “why,” and everything will fall into place.

As told to Beachbody Success Stories.

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