Not Just a Summer Gig


The Leticia Dominguez Story

I got into Coaching a little over two years ago. I was a kindergarten teacher at the time and didn’t want to teach summer school—so I was looking for something fun to do that would keep me busy over the summer. I had previously completed P90X and Insanity and drank Shakeology so I already knew and loved Beachbody products. Never in a million years did I think my business would become what it is now.

In the beginning, my expectations of Coaching were not very high at all. I felt like Coaching was just a hobby and a fun way to make extra summer cash. But I started setting goals for myself, and I worked hard to hit those goals. Before I knew it, my business was really starting to grow.

I began hearing stories of other Coaches being able to retire from their jobs and work their Coaching business full-time, and I decided I wanted that for myself. Sixteen months later, I was able to do just that—I retired from teaching and started Coaching full-time. I have been a Coach for over two years now, and I am tripling my monthly teacher’s salary! I never expected to be able to accomplish such a feat in such a short amount of time!

Becoming a Coach has not only completely changed my life, but my husband’s as well. We’ve been able to pay off all of our credit card debt, and since we can live comfortably on my Beachbody income alone, we’re putting my husband’s entire income toward paying off our massive student loan debt. We were even able to buy him his dream car for his birthday—something I never would have been able to do on a teacher’s salary!

Even though I was a teacher and he has a great paying corporate job, we did live paycheck-to-paycheck. There was no extra income for any fun expenses like vacations, and we had to be very careful with our budget. But this year, we’re celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary, and we’re planning on going to Bora Bora to celebrate—it’s a huge deal for us to be able to afford a trip like this!

My future life goals have definitely changed since I’ve become a Coach. Some of those goals are to retire my husband, build our dream house, and be able to stay home with our future children. I could have never imagined being able to do these things before.

Who would have thought all this would be possible simply because I wake up every day with the desire to help as many people as I possibly can?

My advice to someone considering becoming a Coach would be to take the leap of faith! Follow your heart because this could forever change your life like it has mine. It’s honestly very hard to put into words how much my life has changed in these two years, and sometimes I find it hard to explain all of the blessings that this opportunity has given myself and my family.

It’s been a dream come true!

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