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Never Giving Up

Never Giving Up

As a new mother, Coach Amy Hughes was ready to begin a new chapter in her life until tragedy struck her young family. Determined to find success, watch how Coach Amy Hughes rebuilt her life and gained a new sense of purpose, drive, and opportunity for her and her daughter Neveah.


New Coach Highlight: Stephanie Montessi

Stephanie Montessi already earns a great living with her full-time job in HR, but knowing she could potentially replace her income by working a Beachbody business from home was an opportunity to good to pass up!


Tapping the Latino Market

After Rosario Armenta moved from Mexico to work as a personal trainer in Canada, she realized her business potential was untapped—there was a huge, international Latino market she couldn’t reach through just her gym! Learn how that all changed when she discovered Beachbody Coaching.

Stephanie Daniello

New Coach Highlight: Stephanie Daniello

Stephanie Daniello signed up as a Coach after her first-hand success with the 21 Day Fix program. Three months later, her business had taken off so fast, she decided to leave her nursing program to pursue her passion for Coaching full-time!