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From (Riches to) Rags to Riches

Ronda Race and her family enjoyed a life of luxury—until they lost everything in the recession. After becoming a Coach, Ronda was able to help her family rebuild the life they once had while finding her own sense of strength, resilience, and aptitude along the way.


No Longer Resisting a Rest. . . From Stress

When New York State Police officer David Atkins lost two people in his life he was very close with, David began reevaluating his life, his health, and his goals. After getting fit with Beachbody and signing up as a Coach, David was able to ditch his financial stress and put the things that mattered most to him first.


Driven by Her ‘Why’

Amber Bailey loved teaching—but not nearly as much as she loved staying home with her two sons. Laser-focused on reaching her goal of financially supporting her family as a stay-at-home mom, Amber found her path through Beachbody Coaching.


New Coach Highlight: Stephanie Montessi

Stephanie Montessi already earns a great living with her full-time job in HR, but knowing she could potentially replace her income by working a Beachbody business from home was an opportunity to good to pass up!


Beyond the Walls of a Gym

After his gym took a huge financial hit, Vito La Fata was open to exploring other avenues of income. Little did he know, Beachbody Coaching was about to rapidly revolutionize his approach to business, fitness, and life.


Bye Bye Big Pharma

When Seay Stanford decided to leave her 6-figure job in the pharmaceutical industry, she got some funny looks. But it was a career move she’d never regret! Now a Beachbody Coach, Seay works to prevent disease rather than treat it—and is making more money than ever!


From Busy Mom to Six-Figure Income Earner

Caroline VanZandt is a busy mom. But a few years ago, she decided it was time to do something for herself. Find out how Caroline started as a Coach to satisfy her passion for helping others and ended up bringing home a six-figure income that now supports her family!