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New Coach Highlight: Linzie Payne

After loaning a large sum of money to help out a close friend, Linzie Payne lost her job. Un-repaid and unemployed, Linzie started spiraling toward financial devastation—until she discovered the Team Beachbody opportunity.

Photo Credit: Krystel Beaulieu

New Coach Highlight: Melissa Pothier

Melissa Pothier was only making about half her salary while she was on maternity leave. But three months after becoming a Coach, she was able to bring in the extra income she needed to help support her family—all while being able to stay home with her newborn.


New Coach Highlight: Bethany Roley

Bethany Roley is no novice. She’s been jumping, pumping, and burpeeing her way through the fitness business for the last 10 years. But after only three months in the Coaching world, Bethany has taken both her fitness business to a whole new level.

Stephanie Daniello

New Coach Highlight: Stephanie Daniello

Stephanie Daniello signed up as a Coach after her first-hand success with the 21 Day Fix program. Three months later, her business had taken off so fast, she decided to leave her nursing program to pursue her passion for Coaching full-time!