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What Do I Do if I Don’t Like Vegetables?

By Krista Haynes, RD, CSSD It’s not the end of the world if you don’t like vegetables, but they are the pinnacle of health when it comes to your diet — these fiber-filled rockstars are key players when it comes to healthy digestion, weight management, satiety, longevity, and disease prevention. But good news for veggie haters: Over time, your taste

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What Nutrition Experts Eat for Comfort Food

Every single one of us has a go-to food we indulge in when we’re a bit down or stressed from a long week of work. For me, it’s a big bowl of ice cream filled with chocolate, clusters of nuts, and some extra peanut butter thrown in for good measure. I’d never admit this to

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How Cooking at Home Can Help You Lose Weight

It’s easier than ever not to cook at home: Take-out, pick-up, and a slew of food-delivery apps makes no-cook eating as easy as tapping a few buttons on your phone. But that convenience can come with a high-caloric cost. One simple — and usually less expensive —way to block those extra calories heading for your


Quick and Efficient Workouts Under 30 Minutes

We all know there aren’t enough hours in the day, but that’s no excuse to skip a sweat session. You can crush your daily workout in less than 30 minutes, trust us—we designed them (and tried them!). If you’re reading this, you’re probably pressed for time, so without further ado, here are a few of our quickest and


A Beginner’s Guide to Weightlifting

When you decide to add strength training to your workout routine, knowing where to start can be tricky. And once you get going, knowing how to progress can be even trickier. After all, most weight-room newbies are unsure of their strength and, in turn, how to push it to its limits. How heavy of a dumbbell


9 Things to Ditch If You Want to Keep the Weight Off

Losing weight isn’t easy, but keeping it off can seem even more daunting. Thankfully, it turns out that the idea that most people who lose weight gain it all back (and sometimes more) might be a misconception, and there’s research to back that up: An ongoing observational study found that with sustained behavioral changes, the majority of people were able


10 Exercises for Your Best Arm Workout

They go by many names: pipes, pythons, rocks, guns. Whatever you call them, athletic-looking arms — firehose thick or ropey and lean — are a hallmark of the über-fit, standing out even when you’re fully dressed. But the benefits of effective arm workouts are more than cosmetic. “Physical strength and power are translated to the outside world


The Difference Between Simple Carbs and Complex Carbs

By Kelly Plowe, M.S., R.D. As you likely know by now, not all carbs are created equal: Some are “better” than others, while some add almost no nutritional value to your diet. Whether you love carbohydrates or choose to limit them, you need to know how to tell the difference between simple carbs and complex carbs.


How Many Servings From Each Food Group Do I Need?

Between the likes of Big Gulps, foot-long subs, and trenta-sized lattes (31 ounces!), we’re living in a super-sized world. The proof? Between 1977 and 1996, food portion sizes increased inside and outside the home for most types of junk food. The standard plate size has grown from 9.6 inches to 11.8 inches since 1900. So, if portion sizes are

Breakfast Pops

Shakeology Breakfast Pops

Have you ever considered eating a popsicle as part of breakfast? If you’ve lived in Los Angeles in September, you most certainly have. Whether it’s 100° F when you wake up or the idea of a breakfast popsicle just sounds brilliant, this Breakfast Pops recipe really hits the spot. But eating clean and eating popsicles for


Foam Rolling vs. Stretching: Which Is Better?

By Brittany Risher Foam rolling has become the golden child of muscle relief. Walk into a big box gym and you’ll see people doing foam rolling exercises, or attend a group fitness class and you might use foam rollers before the warmup. Some studios even offer entire foam rolling classes. This increasing knowledge and use of

Are Bananas Really a Great Recovery Food?

There are plenty of reasons why everyone eats bananas to recover after a workout. They come with a built-in wrapper, they’re inexpensive, you can eat them with one hand, and they’re 100 percent free of weird ingredients or additives. Oh, and they’re delicious. Yup, the yellow fruit has a whole lot going for it. But are


Motivational Music: Beast Up with Sagi Kalev’s Weightlifting Playlist

Sagi Kalev likes to make every moment count, and he has a lot to show for it. He’s created several successful weightlifting programs (including Body Beast and The Master’s Hammer and Chisel), has twice won the title “Mr. Israel,” is both a certified nutrition specialist and a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, and has appeared on the cover of