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35 Vanilla Shakeology Recipes

Think Vanilla is basic? These Vanilla Shakeology recipes prove that it is anything but. In fact, light and creamy Vanilla Shakeology is the most versatile Shakeology flavor. Made with real organic vanilla beans from Madagascar, on it’s own it tastes like a luscious vanilla milkshake (and who doesn’t want one of those?). But, blend it with anything, from


4 Spooky Halloween Smoothies

Your Halloween costume is on point, you have a plan in place to avoid eating fistfuls of candy, and you even made healthy Halloween snacks for the kiddos. Now all you need is a Halloween treat of your own. How about one of these spook-tacular Halloween drinks? Our Shakeology smoothies are getting in on the haunted holiday fun with ghoulish

Family Recipes for Double Time

43 Fun Family Recipes for Double Time

Grab a friend or family member and team up for Double Time, Tony Horton’s new fitness program that will help you both create healthy habits! Fun partner workouts and tasty family recipes meant for sharing will keep you motivated — and help you build stronger bonds along the way. Take your teamwork to the kitchen and spend


Everything You Need to Know About HIIT Workouts

By Jenessa Connor The fitness world is prone to trends and buzzwords, the most fashionable of which in recent years is probably “HIIT,” short for high-intensity interval training. You’ve likely seen the headlines promoting HIIT workouts alongside photos of sweat-drenched gym rats crawling toward their water bottles. But the concepts behind HIIT aren’t particularly new or trendy. They’re

Clean Week

Learn More About Clean Week, Which Launches Today!

Ready to check out Clean Week? Created by winner of THE 20s, Megan Davies, Clean Week is a 7-day introduction program designed to help new customers experience a full week of our total solution: Shakeology, Clean Eating, Fitness and Coach Support. The program is designed to help new customers kick-start healthy habits that get real

Megan Davies of Clean Week

Meet Megan Davies, Creator of Clean Week

    Ready to learn all about Clean Week? Get to know creator, Megan Davies. She’s an NSCA-certified personal trainer and gym owner. And, in 2016, she won Beachbody’s fitness reality show, THE 20s®, and became Beachbody’s newest Super Trainer. Megan is excited to launch this new 7-day introduction program designed to help new customers