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Is Snacking Healthy for Kids

Is Snacking Healthy for Kids?

Is Snacking Healthy for Kids?

Whether parents like it or not, snacking happens. Sure, some of us oldies might remember back when nutrition was all about “three squares and nothing in between,” but since the 1970s, snacking between meals has increasingly become the accepted norm — especially with kids. According to a report in the journal Health Affairs, American children snack an average 3


The SHIFT SHOP Nutrition Plan, Explained

“I treat diet the same way I treat exercise. I do this because food is more of a crutch for most people. So if you can get past that, if you can cut out the carb cravings, you can achieve anything — including even the hardest workout.” – Chris Downing When Chris wants to get

Adding Carbs to Beachbody Performance Recover

Adding Carbs to Beachbody Performance Recover

As you probably know by now, Beachbody Performance Recover is more than just your average tub of protein powder. The ingredients—a blend of whey, pea, and casein proteins combined with pomegranate extract—were chosen because of the large body of research that supports their positive impact on muscle recovery and growth. And not only did we

How to Lose the Last Few Pounds |

How to Lose the Last Few Pounds

Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight knows that those last few pounds can be the hardest to shed. If you’re just trying to be generally healthy, this isn’t a big deal. After all, [insert Jersey Shore accent] a little junk in the trunk ain’t never hurt nobody. Frankly, your body is probably better off

How to Eat for Recovery |

How to Eat for Recovery

If you’re a serious athlete, or if you’re serious about getting results, eating for recovery can help you get back to working out faster and stronger than before.

Beachbody and Ironman |

Observations from An IRONMAN

As Ironman coach Pete Valdez laid into me that sweltering Texas morning, it took everything I had to keep up. His interrogation was relentless, the questions firing like a machine gun from his mouth almost faster than I could respond. “Is this stuff hypotonic? Do the sugar levels allow for maximum absorption? How’s the fructose/glucose ratio?