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Master the Three Toughest Moves in Core de Force

Master the Three Toughest Moves in CORE DE FORCE

Master the Three Toughest Moves in CORE DE FORCE

There’s a reason we named our new 30-day, MMA-inspired workout program “CORE DE FORCE:” Every single move challenges your core. Each time you throw a jab, thrust a knee, deliver a kick, or perform a crunch, push-up, or plank variation, you’ll engage an armada of muscles between your hips and shoulders to maintain balance and

How to Do the Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extension

How to Do the Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extension

When it comes to sculpting stronger arms, biceps get most of the attention. They’re the primary arm muscles you see when you look in the mirror, after all, and they stand at attention every time you flex your elbow. But here’s the thing: Your biceps only comprise one third of the mass of your upper

how to do a standing bicep curl

How to Do a Standing Dumbbell Curl

The standing dumbbell curl is an exercise that trainers love to hate, but secretly love. The reason: It’s an isolation exercise — targeting just one muscle group instead of several, like a compound exercise — and it’s often associated with muscle heads and excessive body English. But when it comes to building sleeve-busting biceps, the

How to Do the Dumbbell Bench Press

How to Do the Dumbbell Bench Press

There’s a reason why the bench press is one of the “big three” strength exercises: It nails one of the body’s largest muscle groups, and also hits two key upper-body muscles. Here’s how to do it correctly.

How-to-do-bent-over-rowaHow to Do the Bent-Over Row

How To Do a Bent-Over Row

The bent-over row might be an “old school” back exercise, but there are few better moves for sculpting a V-shaped torso—that “ideal” upper body physique that’s wide at the shoulders, narrow at the waist, and head-turning in a tailored shirt…or without a shirt at all. That’s because the bent-over row hits nearly every muscle in

How to Do the Semi Circle Mountain Climber

How to Do the Semicircle Mountain Climber

If you’re familiar with the mountain climber, then you know the kind of heart-pounding workout it delivers to your shoulders, core, and glutes. This semicircle version kicks it up a notch. You’ll still drive your legs in and out while maintaining a push-up position, but instead of “running” in place, you’ll swivel around your hands,