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Is Body Shaming Keeping You From Losing Weight?

Body shaming is so common that it’s a constant, nagging presence in many people’s everyday lives. “Our relationship with our bodies is one of the most complicated relationships we have in our lives, and it’s often fragile and easily disrupted,” says Eliza Kingsford, LPC, a psychotherapist with expertise in body image and eating disorders, and

This Is the Secret to Weight-Loss Success

This Is the Secret to Weight-Loss Success

If we all know we need to eat healthier grub and get our workouts in, why is it still annoyingly hard to do these things and achieve weight-loss success? We uncover the one thing you really need to make it happen.

5 Reasons Why You're Gaining Weight and How to Avoid It

5 Reasons Why You’re Gaining Weight and How to Avoid It

Nothing strikes fear in your heart like gaining weight when you’re doing everything in your power to lose weight. What in the world is going on?! First, keep calm and carry on with your efforts: If you’re following a program that focuses on proper nutrition and fitness, results will come. (One important exception: Your thyroid