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P90X Paleo Modifications

Paleo-Friendly P90X Nutrition Guide

One of the great things about the P90X Nutrition Plan is its flexibility. Sure, everyone starts with the same, basic three phases—the Fat Shredder, the Energy Booster, and the Endurance Maximizer—but beyond that, the sky is the limit. Once you’ve tried all three, you can move amongst them as you see fit. And what foods


How ‘Maxing Out’ Can Take Your Fitness to the Next Level

Regardless of your fitness goals, the surest way to success is, ironically, failure. That’s what research in recent years has revealed about the relationship between reps and results, which progress in sync with one another. Momentary muscular fatigue—also known as training until failure or “maxing out”—simply demands performing movements until you can’t do them anymore.


How P90 Can Work for You

Many of you know Beachbody’s President and co-founder, Jon Congdon, as a P90X Success Story. And, while he assuredly is, his go-to program when he wants to get back into shape is P90 because it works quicker for him. Let’s take a look at how this program differs from the others in Beachbody’s line-up to

Beachbody-Blog-3-Day-Refresh-Review Reviews the 3-Day Refresh

Recently, Jess Barron,’s VP of Editorial tried the 3-Day Refresh. She lost 4 pounds in 3 days (pretty incredible for a woman who is already super fit), and she wrote about the experience. In the review, she describes how she prepared for it, what she ate, how she felt, and what she loved (and

woman working out at home

10 Tips For a Successful Home Workout

Working out at home is a lot easier than venturing into the wild and working out outdoors. With no wind, snow, rain, or mud, you have very little use for terms like SmartWool, Gore-Tex, or Synchilla. Working out at home is also less intimidating than going to the gym. With no one to impress, you

woman measuring waist

How You Can Use P90X3 to Reach a Variety of Fitness Goals

Whatever your goals, there’s a good chance that P90X3 is the right solution. More than just a weight-loss or fitness program, it’s a training system that can help you reach your dreams, no matter what they are. Like its iconic predecessors’ P90X and P90X2, it’s a blend of training styles that fit together like pieces

Chalene Johnson in PiYo

5 PiYo Moves to Tighten and Tone Your Buns

Whether or not you’re a Pilates or yoga lover, or you’re new to working out in this way, you’re going to love PiYo. Using yoga and pilates-inspired moves , trainer Chalene Johnson has created a program that will not only help you lose weight, but will also help improve your flexibility and resistance to injury.

How to Go From P90X to INSANITY

Today we’ll discuss INSANITY and how to approach it if you’ve already done P90X. The INSANITY guidebook is written for first-time Beachbody customers. If you’ve already completed one or more of our programs, especially P90X, you’re going to want to take a different approach. We’ll also look at how to schedule INSANITY post-X and how