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Motivational Music: Jericho McMatthews’ Pumped Up Pop Workout Playlist

Jericho McMatthews knows better than anyone that when you’re kicking and punching your way to your fitness goals, you’re going to need a good soundtrack. A Beachbody Super Trainer, McMatthews co-created Beachbody’s new mixed martial arts fitness program, CORE DE FORCE, alongside her friend Joel Freeman. To keep herself motivated, she made a personal soundtrack which


4 Fun Pumpkin Exercises

A Halloween workout? Well, it doesn’t take a mad scientist (or a person dressed as one) to realize that a pumpkin can be used as a weight. The pumpkins grown for carving typically range from two pounds to 25 pounds… though the biggest pumpkin ever weighed in at a monstrous 2,323 pounds. But enough pumpkin trivia.


Would You Try Hypnosis for Weight Loss?

The greasy chips are calling again. Or is it gelato this time? Wouldn’t it be fabulous if there was a way you could alter your mindset to improve your willpower and curb cravings? Proponents of hypnosis say there is some reason to believe that it may be helpful. So, you are about to get very, very

muscles get sore after exercise

Why Do Muscles Get Sore After Exercise?

No pain, no gain is just plain wrong when it comes to your workouts and exercise-based muscle soreness — you can still build muscle without those tell-tale aches and lingering discomfort. So, what is actually happening when your body hurts all over from yesterday’s vigorous routine?  Truth is, researchers aren’t totally sure. What they do know: Intense exercise

Running Your First 10K

How to Run Your First 10K Race

By Michael Nolan Even if it’s your first time taking on the 6.2, these tips will help you across the finish line pain-free after running your first 10K — or just ahead of the pack. The minute you take on your first 10K, you’ve already joined an athletic group of runners. While more than 7.5 million people finished