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YOUv2 Workout Program Cast

How to Start Losing Weight: Advice From the Cast of Beachbody’s YOUv2

There’s nothing easy about weight loss. You can often feel like you’re trading the things you find pleasurable for things that you don’t enjoy (yet) that are far outside your comfort zone. Losing weight successfully — ideally shedding body fat while gaining lean muscle — requires some sacrifice and dedication, but it doesn’t mean you

How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

By Sarah Wassner-Flynn We often look at unfortunate situations through a pessimistic lens, such as: “I want to lose 20 pounds (or more), but I haven’t been able to do it in the past and keep the weight off. Should I even bother?” But what does this negative perspective really do for us? Instead of


5 Non-Scale Victories That Prove You’re Making Progress

By Sarah Wassner-Flynn You’ve been trying to lose weight for weeks. You’re dieting. Working out. Making mindful choices about everything you do, from the amount of sugar you stir in your coffee to skipping that extra glass of wine at dinner. But then you step on the scale and your heart sinks: The number is


What You Don’t Know About Chris Downing May Surprise You

Empower. Love. Inspire. It’s more than a philosophy. It’s how Chris truly relates to the people he trains. Chris holds the strong belief that you already have a greatness within you. That there’s a mental way to tap into that greatness. This is how you’ll reach your full potential — and achieve powerful results —

Beachbody Motivational Memes

Beachbody Motivational Memes

We’ve all been there: When one more rep feels impossible, a bite of yet another kale and butternut squash salad (especially when you’re craving a burger) makes you sigh, or mustering the gumption to select play at the end of a long work day is the last thing you feel like doing, you need a


Motivational Music: Jericho McMatthews’ Pumped Up Pop Workout Playlist

Jericho McMatthews knows better than anyone that when you’re kicking and punching your way to your fitness goals, you’re going to need a good soundtrack. A Beachbody Super Trainer, McMatthews co-created Beachbody’s new mixed martial arts fitness program, CORE DE FORCE, alongside her friend Joel Freeman. To keep herself motivated, she made a personal soundtrack which