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Body Beast Results Stephane S. Lost 82 Pounds

Transformation Tuesday: Stephane lost 82 pounds with Body Beast

Transformation Tuesday: Stephane lost 82 pounds with Body Beast

Stephane lost 82 pounds after committing to three rounds of BODY BEAST! After a divorce, he found himself a single father with a “dad bod.” He needed something to boost his confidence level and get him back in the dating game. Body Beast was his answer! Here’s his story in his own words. “I got

The Beginner’s Guide to Losing Weight With Beachbody

The Beginner’s Guide to Losing Weight With Beachbody

My name is Rebecca and I love cheese. I’m also a digital marketing professional, freelance writer, wife, dog mom of two, and I drive 70 miles round-trip to work every day. So you could say I’m a little busy. A year ago, I was a weight-loss newbie, but even I know that fad diets don’t

Halloween Candy Shake Recipe

Halloween Candy Shake Recipe

It’s no secret that P90X creator Tony Horton loves Halloween. Whether he’s taking out his anger as a super-tough wrestler, training to fight the walking dead, or getting ready to save the world as Batman, he gets really enthusiastic about this haunted holiday. But what he doesn’t love about this spooky time of year are

A Day in the Life of Sagi Kalev |

A Day in the Life: Sagi Kalev

Ever wondered how the Beast (aka Sagi Kalev) spends his day? Well, we went straight to the source and asked the creator of Body Beast and The Master’s Hammer and Chisel. Here’s what he had to say.   Alarm rings at 7:00AM. Sagi grabs an 8 oz. glass of water. Room temperature, please. I wake

woman foam rolling

Foam Rolling: Your Tight Muscles’ Best Friend

One of the biggest obstacles for a new fitness enthusiast to overcome is the soreness that comes with using muscles that haven’t been used in decades. During infancy, we’re learning to fire muscles all over the place. As we grow, spend increasingly more hours in flexion, and use less and less of our God-given ranges

A Day in the Life Autumn Calalbrese |

A Day in the Life: Autumn Calabrese

Autumn Calabrese has helped thousands get in shape with The Master’s Hammer and Chisel and the 21 Day Fix workout and their easy-to-follow eating plans. But, what does Autumn’s own day look like? Take a look!   Alarm rings at 6:00 AM I’m an earlier riser so it doesn’t take much to get me out