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Weight-Loss Workout Plans: A Guide for Beginners

Weight-Loss Workout Plans: A Guide for Beginners

You’ve made the choice to start a weight-loss workout plan. Congratulations! Not only does exercise help you shed pounds, but it can also keep your body functioning optimally. That’s not to mention its mood-boosting effects. What’s not to like? You may be wondering where to go from here. The sheer volume and variety of fitness-related content

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5 Reasons to Get Healthy and Fit Now

When it comes to getting healthy — losing weight and getting fit and strong — you’re probably thinking of the visual benefits: “I’ll fit into smaller clothes! No more belly pooch! I’ll finally have muscles!” But the benefits don’t stop there. No matter how far away your “After” feels, regular exercise and losing weight — even a small


13 Easy Ways to Cut 100+ Calories Every Day

In not-so-breaking news: Not all calories are created equal. A serving of grilled salmon is more nutritious than a serving of fried chicken. So, if you’re trying to lose weight, you need to be smart about your calories: Cut the calories you don’t need and focus on the quality of the calories that you are eating. With that in mind, we’ve put

How to Stay Healthy While Working From Home

In theory, it’s easier to be healthy when you’re working from home: No office snacks or donuts, you can cook healthy meals, and work out whenever you want. Win-win-win, right? The reality, however, probably looks something like this: Slumped on your couch wearing workout clothes you never worked out in (or let’s be honest, your

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5 Bad Eating Habits and How to Break Them

Killing your workouts and eating healthy meals are crucial components of healthy, sustainable weight loss. But sometimes — even when it feels like you’re doing everything right — the scale won’t budge. What gives? When it comes to weight loss and food, it’s not just the what we eat — how we eat food matters, too. If


What to Say When People Push You to Eat Unhealthy Foods

A gluten-free girl and her BFF, who’s on her “cheat day,” walk into an Italian restaurant… but, this isn’t a joke, especially when the BFF pushes to share pasta coated in cream sauce, cannoli, or other unhealthy foods. Who hasn’t been in a similar situation? Whatever our diets — whether they’re gluten-free, elimination, vegan, Paleo,


4 Easy, Healthy Sweet and Salty Food Swaps for Weight Loss

Losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make huge, sweeping changes to your diet. Even the smallest changes, over time, can mean big results. Regularly swapping out not-so-healthy foods (think refined sugar or salt) for healthier substitutes (like stevia or herbs), can get you on the path to healthy eating, without giving up flavor. Try

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What to Know About Carb Cycling for Weight Loss

You tried the whole low-carb weight-loss strategy and — let us guess — it sucked. You felt exhausted, your workout performances suffered, and you dreamed of nothing but bread and pasta and pancakes. When baked goods take over your daydreams, carb cycling to lose weight starts looking really attractive. “Carb cycling is an eating protocol